Affiliate Marketing From Your Phone – Is It Possible?

In this post I will explain how to do affiliate marketing from your phone.

I am Goran.

Why do affiliate marketing from your phone?

Look at this picture >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is actually a screnshot of people who visited my web page the last few weeks.

As you can see 45.6 % was coming from mobile phones.

Only 51.1% from desktops. (source Google Analytics)

What does this tell us?

That people are more inclined to use their mobile devices when they are looking for something online.

Yes, mobile phones are slowly taking over how people use the internet these days.

These mobile phones are in reality small computers that people use in order to surf the internet.

Logically, people can be online all the time, by just putting their hands into their pocket and pick up the “computer”.

Did you know that some people actually run their entire business from handphones?

In this post, about mobile affiliate marketing, we will look at the benefits of using your phone for affiliate marketing but also some of the challenges to using your phone in this area.

But first a few words about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Briefly. It is to send a potential customer to a company that has an affiliate program. If the customer buys something from that company they will give you a commission since it was your link who directed the customer to the company.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using handphones for your business

Now in covid-19 times, maybe it doesn’t matter so much since we are mostly confined at home. But when this pandemic is over and we can be back to normal then there comes another picture.

We can imagine different scenarios. When you are at home you can sit in front of your computer and develop your business. But real life is that you are not always at home. We have a doctor’s appointment, we are waiting for our order in a restaurant, we are on a bus or in the subway, yes even waiting for our wife, husband or friend and so on.

Yes, if we start to count the time we just use for waiting, I think all of us would be surprised how much time that is. How shall we use this time? Of course, we can use that time by sitting and daydream and do nothing or playing games on our phones, or just browse around on the internet. That is what most people do these days.

But if you have your phone with you, why not use it to develop a business? Then you use this time in a meaningful way. That is one of the advantages of using a phone to develop your business.

It is quite amazing, when you look around, you see people everywhere bowing down their heads toward their phones. And with all these apps we have today, it can really keep people occupied. Sometimes you get the feeling that the phones are controlling us. So be in charge of your time. We have so much “free time” that can be used to develop our financial future instead.

So coming to the point, which program shall I use if I want to start with affiliate marketing?

Is there any legit affiliate program?

In comparison, I would say only ONE. As you see in the picture, the name is Wealthy Affiliate but rather the name should be Wealthy Affiliate University. This is because this platform is the best educational institution to go to if you want to be a skilled affiliate marketer.

How can I be so sure about this?

Because it has everything a person needs to be successful in affiliate marketing. In this program, anyone can succeed even if he or she is a total newbie when it comes to affiliate or internet marketing. There are people from all over the world who got their training from Wealthy Affiliate.

A few days ago a 93-year-old man blogged about himself and told that he was so thankful to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate because this platform helped him to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Quite amazing, 93 years old and he was successful in affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by these two Canadian guys 2005.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

It is a simple and logical system and as I said, anyone can do it. The only thing required is to understand English and be willing to apply the step-by-step system.

When a person signs up to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate (free to sign up) he will start to set up his profile and tell society how much money he expects to earn or the goal he has. This could be a good thing to do because then he already has something to look forward to. Actually, whatever goal anyone set up, will be reachable. With the training from Wealthy Affiliate, only the sky will be the limit.

5 modules, 50 lessons.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

After going through these 50 lessons you should be able to go anywhere you want within Internet marketing.

It is a step-by-step system and every lesson has a video explanation, so you can always rewind and work at your own pace. This is what I call an excellent way of teaching method. That is why Wealthy Affiliate will suit anyone, old or young, well-educated or less educated.

The first 10 lessons


Free web page

Wealthy Affiliate will give you a web page for free and this web page is handphone friendly, meaning you can use this page for promoting your business from your phone as explained earlier.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is also a big community with helpful people that are ready to answer any question you may have regarding your business. Since Wealthy Affiliate is a global platform there will always be persons on hand 24/7.

This and much much more will be found on this platform. You can’t find a better place if you want to be a skilled internet marketer.

This sounds very expensive, you may say.

How much does it cost?

I will explain. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. When you join as a free member you will have access to the first 10 lessons in OEC. (Online Entrepreneur Certification). But already in the first 7 days, you will have access to all upgraded or premium member’s features. So you can browse around and explore everything within the platform. That will give you a good picture of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

If you within 7 days want to upgrade to premium you will have the first month for only $19. If you want to continue after the first month the fee is $49 per month. (it only took me a few days tills I decided to be a premium member)

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! If you really want to get legit training, this is the best place to go. Many people jump from one offer to another just to find that they only lose time and money. Internet is full of scams and people whose only goal is to get your money into their pockets. To see how to avoid being scammed by these people, CLICK HERE!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will not get disappointed. They will give you access to everything in the beginning and then you can make a mature choice if it something for you or not. Wealthy Affiliate is a long-term business, not an overnight get rich scheme as many of the so-called “Internet Gurus” promise you. Many people have been in Wealthy Affiliate for 5 to 15 years. It doesn’t make sense to be in a program so long if they didn’t deliver, right?

The only way for you to find out is to join and judge for yourself. As I said it is free to join. 

And as I said in the beginning about handphones, the web page that Wealthy Affiliate will give you is handphone friendly.


Real Testimonies: Read Real Testimonies and Reviews

Training: Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Overall Ranking: 98/100

Recommended: YES           

 You are in the right place.


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  1. It was a very good idea to use the waiting time to maintain your business from you phone. Good job!

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