Affiliate Marketing In New Zealand – A Good Choice

In this post I want to show that affiliate marketing in New Zealand could be a good choice.

Why New Zealand?

Due to the pandemic, New Zealand is quite isolated from the rest of the world for the moment. It means that it might be economic pressure on people in New Zealand. What can be done for these people? What options can be offered?

In my opinion, I would try to go online and see if it might be possible to work at home with your computer because working from home in an internet business doesn’t have any boundaries.

The problem is, to be a newbie in this area might be a little tricky. Why is that? Because the internet is full of so-called “Gurus” that promise people get-rich-quick-schemes but only with the intention to get them to pay upfront to them so they can show them a way to make money. These so-called “Gurus” are nothing but scammers.

So if a person should able to make money online, he must avoid these so-called internet gurus.

Please see my review of one of these “gurus”. Click here!

Is there any legit way to make money online?

I want to be straightforward. There is only one way to true success. It is to learn from the right sources plus a person’s own hard work. The best way to learn this is in my opinion to turn to Wealthy Affiliate University.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

It is a platform where a person will be taught everything he needs to be a skillful affiliate marketer or an expert internet marketer. Wealthy Affiliate has helped people for over 15 years to be successful online.

It was founded 2005 by these 2 Canadian guys.

Why can Wealthy Affiliate be considered as legit?

First of all, it has already helped thousands of people to be successful affiliate marketers, and as I said, it has been around since 2005. Many programs just disappear after a while because of dishonest founders or programs that don’t have any value so they can’t last long.

But it is different with Wealthy Affiliate. From the beginning, they have been legit, and continue to be legit.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate so special?

The whole concept is different from anything you can find on the internet. I have been online for many years and tried to make a living. See About Me and frankly, I didn’t have a clue how to do these tills I found Wealthy Affiliate in July 2019. Then things started to change in my view on how to be successful online. And I am not alone.

My own experience:

1 month after I joined I got this message from Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You have your very own niche website on your own domain
  • You have optimized your website for SEO
  • You understand the process of creating content
  • You have created several pages of content that are starting to get ranked
  • Your foundation for a long term and successful business is in place
  • You KNOW more than 99% of your competition

I especially like the sentence: You KNOW more than 99% of your competition.

This shows that most people who try to start a business online actually do things wrong. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate after years of struggle, it was like an eye-opener for me. In one sense it was quite embarrassing when I realized that also I have done everything wrong for years.

Read Real Testimonies and Reviews


A few samples of Testimonies:

I’ve only been here a few days, but plan to stay. I really love that you guys allow starters to experience some of the premium features right out of the gate. It definitely allows for a level of trust. You guys deliver on everything that no one else does. I think anyone interested (seriously) in marketing needs to be here.


Hi Kyle

i am new to WA.it’s been wonderful journey till now. Your lessons are simple and easy to understand and easy to execute. i am progressing fast because the community around is here to help. when i read their post it creates a spark and make me spend more hours to Build my business Looking forward to achieve my Goals ASAP.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to learn and take guidance from you.


Nilesh Rajput.

I have joined up for a few weeks now and so far the program seems to be fine. I am enjoying what I am learning and like the fact that I can work at my own pace. I am not a quitter. want master the program and then be able to use the skills to master my future.



What are some features of Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the first things a person will recognize is that the training follows a very logical pattern. It starts with a web page from WordPress that will be hosted on SiteRubrix which is Wealthy Affiliate’s own server. The training is in modules with 10 lessons in each module. There are totally of 5 modules equal to 50 lessons. Each lesson has a video explanation. After the lesson, there will be a few tasks to do before the person goes to the next level.

Below is a sample of the first 10 lessons.

Everyone works at their own pace so it is possible to have a relaxed approach to the training. It is always possible to go back and repeat the lessons if necessary.

More features

Once a week there is a webinar which is conducted by a real marketer expert. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2007.  He will conduct these seminars to update us on the latest trends on the internet, inform us about changes on Google, and a lot more. He does this by showing us from his own computer so we can follow along on ours. All these webinars are recorded so if someone can’t join the live session he will never miss anything. The webinars always have a Q&A session in the end.

Sample or a screenshot of some of the webinars. There are hundreds of them.

The Community

Wealthy Affiliate contains a big community of helpful people who are always there to help if there is something that is not so clear for a person. Just put in a ticket and the question will be answered within minutes. Since these community people are scattered all over the world, this feature is working 24/7.

Illustration of the Community

What is it cost to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

This is the nice part. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. Why? Because they want people to try the platform before anyone makes the decision to upgrade. He should have a clear picture of what he is paying for.

The first 7 days will be like a journey of what it is to be an upgraded member. Wealthy Affiliate gives you this for free. You don’t even need to reveal your credit card information, it is totally free!

That is what I call legit. Many of the so-called programs on the internet, want you to pay upfront, and then they will give you something that normally doesn’t work. But since they already have the persons’ money in their pockets, it is normally difficult to get them back.

Do you see the difference? Wealthy Affiliate is not a free platform. But it WILL help a person to be a successful affiliate marketer.

As I said, a person has 7 days for free as an upgraded or premium member. If he during these 7 days decide to upgrade he will have the first month with 60% off, which is $19. After this first month, it is $49 per month.

Is it worth it?

The training you get is like a university course that WILL make you money and make you a successful internet marketer.

To sum up:

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a well-established platform for teaching internet marketing. It has been around since 2005 and has helped thousands of people to be successful.
  • The training is a step-by-step program with 10 lessons in each module. Altogether there are 50 lessons.
  • Each week there is a webinar teaching helpful information that will keep your business on top of others.
  • The community contains helpful people who are ready to help you within minutes, 24/7.
  • When joining you will be given 2 WordPress websites hosted on SiteRubrix, maximized with features for your success.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a university course designed to make you successful in affiliate marketing.
  • Free to join.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Real Testimonies: Read Real Testimonies and Reviews

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Training: Internet Marketing and E-commerce 4.7/5

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Overall Ranking: 98/100

Recommended: YES

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  1. Hi from New Zealand
    You are right. I think it is a good idea to start online business now, Especially since this covid-19 are blocking our country

    • Than you Chris. Wealthy Affiliate is a good start for online business

      All the best

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