Covid 19 and Working at Home

Is Covid 19 the end of our economy?

Many people feel that things have been so complicated since we faced this situation with the current pandemic. Many lose their jobs and are now depending on what their governments will supply for them. Normally it’s only a minimum of what they had earned before.

Today March 26 2021 over 1 year since the outbreak the situation is 126,118,328 cases and 2,768,246 deaths.

Since this pandemic has been here for a long time and so far there is no sign that it will come to an end in the near future. Does this mean that if we lose our jobs we have to suffer poverty? Not necessary. A situation like this can actually create new opportunities.

Covid 19 and working at home.

Many who lost their job are forced to think in new lines. Before they were just dependent on their old jobs and routinely went to their 9 to 5 work and collected their paycheck at the end of the month. But now the situation is different. What can they do? Of course, there are a few options. Either they can go out there and search for another job and if they get one they are probably back to the 9 to 5 routine and again they depend on their paycheck at the end of the month and nothing really changed in their lives.

But there is another option.

Take the opportunity to learn a new trade and be independent

Let’s say that you lost your job and now live on an allowance from the government. What does this mean? It means that your economy will be very limited. You can probably not do everything you did before. You will not starve and maybe you cannot buy the latest gadgets and go to your favorite restaurant as often as you did before.

But you have one asset that you didn’t have with your 9-5 work. That asset is, TIME!

Your situation is that economically you are limited, but on the other hand, you suddenly have more time to use than you never had before you lost your job. Basically, you now have 9 to 5 free time every day. Why not use this time to develop new skills that could make you economically independent in the future.

Something that getting more and more popular these days is affiliate marketing. So why not learn that skill?

How to do it?

There is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate which provides training for those who want to do affiliate marketing. This platform was created in 2005 and has helped thousands of people to become skilled affiliate marketers.

I will not talk so much about Wealthy Affiliate in this post, but if you want to find out more details you can just click on the link I will provide.

Wealthy Affiliate gives training on how to do affiliate marketing and is the ultimate program that will give you these skillsUse your TIME in the best way. To find out more about this training  Click Here!

If you just want to join and find out for yourself, you can do that also. It is free to join and when joining you will have 7 days as an upgraded member. So just browse around and see if this platform is something for you. There must be a reason why 2.4 million people joined Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Yes covid-19 has really affected my life. It’s not bad idea to try something new. Use the time wisely. Thanks for this helpful article.

    • It is good to turn this pandemic to something positive. More time at home means more time to work from home. Thank you for your respond.

  2. Hi Gorän
    Thank you for your well written articles.
    Very interesting and to the point

    Covid has changed my life – yet adapting and making the most of what I do have has been good therapy. Great angle on time Gorän
    Thank you

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