Earn Money Online and Work From Home

I will explain how to earn money online and work from home.

Who doesn’t want to earn money and work from home?

For many people, this is a dream and they wonder: How can this be a reality for me?

Unfortunately, over 95% of those who try will fail. Why is that?

First of all, they don’t have a clue how to do it and therefore they turn to the so-called internet “Gurus” to get help. That, in turn, will only result in that instead of earning money they will lose money. How come? Because these “Gurus” are more interested in how they can take advantage of the innocence of the person who desperately asking for help.

In other words, they want to access your money. They promise you their “secret” on how to go about it, but normally they are only selling their crap. Here is a practical example!

Is there any legit way to get the right guidance?

First of all, never believe anyone who promises you that it is easy to earn money online. One argument is: the only thing you need to do is copy and paste. That is nonsense! Even if it can be an advantage to know how to copy and paste, but it will never make a person rich. To earn money online is always connected with hard work and determination.

One legit platform which teaches this is Wealthy Affiliate.

They don’t just teach this, they also show you how to do it.

Let us, therefore, have a closer look at this platform.

Facts about Wealthy Affiliate

They have been in business since 2005 (that is more than 16 years) and have helped tens of thousands to earn money online.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by 2 Canadian guys who were successful internet marketers. They started to reason: “Since affiliate marketing has such a huge potential, why don’t we create a platform to help others to be successful too?” Said and done and Wealthy Affiliate was founded. Today it is without comparing the largest program on the internet which are helping people to earn money online, counting over 2 million members.


The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

How does Wealthy Affiliate help people?

They have created a step-by-step training. It starts from scratch, meaning that anyone can take part in the training even if they don’t have any experience at all.

After you have looked at the welcome video and got an overview of Wealthy Affiliate you will be given a website that will be the foundation of your new business. All the training will revolve around this website.

Let’s have a look at the first 10 lessons.

These are the first 10 lessons and the first module following by 4 more modules which will cover these subjects:

Module 2: Creating Your Own Traffic-Producing Website (10 lessons)

Module 3: Making Money (10 lessons)

Module 4: Mastering Social Engagement (10 lessons)

Module 5: Achieving Maximum Success With You Content (10 lessons)

When you are through with these modules you can consider yourself as a skilled affiliate marketer and from now on only the sky is the limit.

What’s more at Wealthy Affiliate?

Quite a lot. Take the Community as an example. The Community is a feature within Wealthy Affiliate to do the training in a smooth way. Let’s say that you are in the middle of a training session and you feel stuck. It can be very frustrating, but as you will see, at the end of each lesson there are 4 and sometimes up to 10 persons who are experts in this lesson and are ready to answer any question you may have. This is awesome. You get the help when you really need it.

But let’s say you have other questions not related to the lesson you are working on at present. You still can get help from the Community. In the back office of Wealthy Affiliate, there are possibilities to ask almost any question and there will always be someone there to help you. Normally you will get help within a few minutes. This is what I call effective training. You will never get stuck. This feature is working 24/7.

The Community

The website

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you will be given a website for free, (note: even as a free member you will get this website)

This website will be the core of your business. It is a website from WordPress and it will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliates super-quick server SiteRubix. That will guaranty that you will be in favor of Google who controls the organic traffic on the internet.

This website has a lot of inbuilt features like SSL and website security that is a big part of running a successful business. These things you have to pay extra for on another hosting company.

So you can be sure that anything within Wealthy Affiliate is of the highest quality.

The webinars

Another quality feature within Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly webinars. These webinars really keep us updated on the latest trends on the internet and how we can develop our businesses and so to say be on the top of the game.

The webinars are conducted by a real pro when it comes to internet marketing. He joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007, so he has more than 13 years of experience to share with us.

Sample of a few webinars

As you see in the picture there is a variety of subjects handled in the webinars. What you maybe not know is that all webinars are recorded, so what you see on the picture is just a fraction of all webinars. There are hundreds of these recordings saved in what can be considered a huge library. So if a person is not able to attend the live session, no harm done, it can always be seen at a convenient time for that person.

All webinars are around 1 hour followed by a Q&A session.

Jaxxy the SEO tool 

The review of Wealthy Affiliate wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t say a few words about Jaxxy.

This is a tool within the platform that is essential for your business. Jaxxy will eventually take you to the first page on Google. You can just imagine when your website shows there, you can equalize that to that your future is secure.

More about how this tool works you can find if you Click Here!  Note: Don’t forget to look at the video! 


 What do people say about Wealthy Affiliate?

The review of Wealthy Affiliate wouldn’t be complete without testimonies from Wealthy Affiliate members.

So let’s see what they have to say:

For me, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to run a successful business online and a community there to support you to keep going and reach the finishing line. Internet Marketing is not a race, rather than a steady way of changing your life, one day at a time.


I have made $1424 using what I’ve learned here at WA by building basic websites for 3 clients. I have done this part-time in between 2 layoffs from day jobs in less than a year. It amazes me because I haven’t even completed all of the training modules yet. The skills you learn at WA can be used in many different ways to make money, and building websites has been working well for me!




 I have been able to become successful online and I have seen my online business grow each and every month so I truly know WA works.



What a blessing Wealthy Affiliates is! There are so many programs out
there on the internet that do not have the integrity or the quality
of Wealthy Affiliates.
The training is top-notch.
The community is like a close-knit family. They are always there to
answer your questions and support you.
You get 1 free website when you sign up with the opportunity for a total of 10 sites if you upgrade.
Hosting your sites come with your membership.
Everything is done on a state-of-the-art platform.

This is an organization that cares for its members.



Out of about 20 to 25 different work-from-home programs I have tried and
flopped, I was out of patience and money to no avail. In doing some
intensive research, I came across Wealthy Affiliate
program. Of course, I was very skeptical about this too, but what I
notice in doing some research this program was totally different from
the others, this is why:

• It is free to sign up
• Easy lessons to help walk you through setting up a website to making it work.
• It is very community-oriented. You have countless of a person who cares
about your success and keeping you motivated. The atmosphere i=s so
• There are so many different ways to get information that you need from
asking a forum, asking someone directly, live videos, and much more.



These were just a few of the testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members

As a summary, this is what you get as a Wealthy Affiliate member;

  • Domain Registration
  • WordPress Websites
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Training to monetize a website in any niche
  • Free Keyword Tool
  • Access to the best online business community of like-minded individuals all helping out and being helped out.

Would you like to try this platform? It is free to join. You don’t even need to reveal any credit card information.

Test it and see for yourself!




  1. Good presentation Goran
    This is probably the best platform
    If you should succeed online

  2. Greetings from London, Goran
    I will definitely look into this program

    • Greeting from Malaysia.
      You will never have anything to
      lose if you have a closer look
      at Wealthy Affiliate
      All the best

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