Ewen Chia – A Sophisticated Scammer?

In this post, I will review more information about – Ewen Chia.

Who is Ewen Chia?

He is a Singaporean. (Singapore has never been known as the most honest country) That can explain why so many scammers originate from this country. Ewen Chia is not the only one, but in this post, I will concentrate especially on him.

I myself stay in Malaysia (even if I am a Swede) a neighbor country to Singapore and many Malaysians are victims by these Singaporean scammers.

Ewen Chia has been very successful in making money online. He struggled for many years until he got his first sale in affiliate marketing in 2002.

Since then he has earned millions of $ dollars from as he says about the formula he has created. And now 2021 he wants to sell his “secrets” so that anyone can copy what he has done. Why? I will come to that later.

How does he work today?

If you read my former review of this man I can tell you that his methods haven’t changed at all. The targeting people are often innocent persons who want to start up an affiliate marketing business. He makes it sound so easy to make a fortune online. Just follow his “secret on how to do it and you will be rich in a very short time.

The fact is that there is no “easy” way. To earn money online. It is hard and consistent work that takes time. There are no quick fixes.

I signed up to his email list because I was curious about how he works now, almost 1 year after I did the first review. Let’s look a little closer to what he offers. It seems that I missed one of his webinars; The email I got is as follows:

Affiliate Fortune Webinar Replay – Live For 24 Hour Only! 

I hope you
enjoyed the webinar!

you did not attend it or you want

watch the training again, you do

have to worry as I’ve got you covered.

Click on the link below to watch

recorded “Discover The SIMPLE

System To Make A Fortune With

Marketing Even If You’re Starting

Scratch!” webinar again.

to this link to watch the replay:

the training, I teach you through my

“Affiliate Fortune Secrets System”

you can copy from to build your own

affiliate marketing business easily…

watch the recorded training now

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Direct link to the recorded online training:


His replay webinar

Curious as I am I signed in to his webinar and the first thing I met was this message: 

So for only 24 hours, this webinar would be available. You see the counter. Immediately when you joined it starts to count down. It creates a feeling that everything is in a hurry. Therefore I decided to click the link after 24 hours and the same message met me then. Since I am a quite stubborn person I decided to try again after further 24 hours. Same same.

Analysis: What Ewen Chia tries to do is to create a feeling if you don’t sign up for my paid webinar you will lose out. If it was true I wouldn’t say anything but it is just a dirty dishonest sale trick.

Ok let’s go further on the webinar

Look a little closer, for example, the “SIMPLE SECRET” Honestly there is no simple secret but it must sound quite appealing especially for someone who is new to online business. I will come to that later. But first, let’s see what he is up to. You see the red banner like “Click Here To Secure Yours Now ( 1 Spot Left).

This is also a lie. When I logged in 3 days later it was still there, but the same if you don’t take action now you will miss out. Ok, Let’s click and see where we end up.

This click will take you to his pay place. First 10 only. Very interesting for a webinar that is recorded 3 days later. I tell you what? No one has paid $1.497 for this webinar. It is just a dirty trick so you feel that is cheap if you pay $297. Very tricky sales method. And as you see there is a count-down clock here too, but now you must be quick. You have only 30 minutes to decide.

What is it Ewen Chia is selling?

He is selling an outdated system, around 5 years old. But first, let’s do the math. He claims that he has generated $50.000.000 through his system. Why on earth sell this system for $297.

Can it be so old that it is not working so well anymore? 5 years is a long time when we think about the development of the internet. Things change all the time. Can it be that he desperately try to squeeze out the rest of what one time was working, for $297?

Additionally, his Clickbank statements show that he can make over $800 per day on his system. The statements don’t tell the dates only the weekdays so there is a possibility that they can be years back when his system was working.

If we see the methods he uses to sell. it is quite obvious that he is not the most honest person. Who would trust that his “secret” is working today?

He even try to sell his bestseller book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and how you can do too” 

The problem is that this book was published on January 1, 2009. Almost 12 years ago. I don’t think many things in that book are relevant today.

There are more people who have seen through his dirty selling methods and you can find them here and there on the internet.

How does he deal with this situation?

If you Google Ewan Chiah you will find the following:

He buys ads from Google so his web pages come up among the first positions. Ads from Google give priority. It means that if you buy ads you are guaranteed to be on the top.


Ewen Chia’s Training Programs – Beware Of Fake Review…

This is one of Ewen Chia’s tries to counteract all the bad reviews about him by putting his site above by paying Google to put his site on top of the first page on Google and of course they only talk in a positive way about him since he is the originator of these pages and he warns about that people only use his name in order to get their sites on a higher ranking.

Inside this page is a person who gives his Personal Experience With Ewen Chia where he talks about him as close to a savior for affiliate marketers.

Note this is an ad and of course it is a positive review of him. When I read this review I wondered: who is this person and what is his name. Nothing was revealed about this??????? Strange!


There is much more you can say about Ewan Chia but what we covered here should be enough to get the big picture.

  • Everything connected with this guy stinks frauds and scams.
  • His selling methods are dishonest.
  • His products are out of date.
  • You have to pay him upfront without really know what you get.
  • He tries to counteract the bad reviews on the internet by paying Google ads to put his web pages on the top.
  • He is just one of all scammer gurus who want your money to find the way to his pocket.
  • If you really want to be successful on the internet, keep away from Ewen Chia. 

I can show you a much better way to make money with affiliate marketing. 

It will be connected efforts from your side but it is legit and will give you a secure and prosperous future.


Click this line for a test ride. No credit card is required.


I hope you liked this review

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  1. Hi Goran. Thank you for very interesting article. There is so many affiliate sites and programs online that its not easy to choose decent ones. I heard before about Ewen Chia and to be fair his programs had quite mixed opinions. But looking on your post its clear to me that its not worth investing money in this guy. There are too many doubts and prices seems to high. Appreciate your warning !

    • The problem is that the scammers use smooth talk when trying to get people to invest in them.
      All the best

  2. This guy really knows how to trick people into paying him loads of money. The tricks are subtle and are based mainly on creating a tone of urgency so that you spend before you even had time to think about what you are being offered. Your checking on the site outside the cut off dates show how consistently dishonest he is. I am online trying to make money but information like this helps me to look out for scammers. Thank you

    • I appreciate that you liked the post. Let us together reveal the scammer’s methods.
      All the best

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