Future Affiliate Marketing In India – Huge Opportunity!

 I will explain why I think, future affiliate marketing in India will be a huge opportunity.

I am Goran

India the 2nd largest nation on this Planet

India is a huge nation with 1352.6 million people, November 2021. It is the 2nd biggest nation on the world.

My wife and I were in Chennai, a city in the south of India 4 years ago. We were there only for one week but two times during that week we were caught in a so-called people jam. That is when people are pushed together so you can’t move in any direction. You are just stuck. You just have to wait for tills everything is dissolved, which can take up to half an hour. If you who read this is from India and lives in one of the many big cities, you probably know what I am talking about.

Why do I tell this? Because I believe that there is a huge future affiliate marketing in India. The more people the more possibilities. Look at McDonald’s, they are always on spots where many people are. Why? Because if they put up a franchise close to the desert, there will be no business. The conclusion many people are the same as business opportunities.

How many of these, wouldn’t mind increasing their lives economically? I leave that question in the open air, but Chennai is just a fraction of the population in India

India – A perfect country for affiliate marketing

In what way? There are a few reasons for this.

  • A big part of the population speaks English. Since almost all training and affiliate programs are mainly in English it is an advantage for a person from India.
  • Many Indians have technical knowledge. All over the world, many companies hire Indians due to their technical skills for different projects in their companies. Unfortunately, when the project is finished and their families have to go back to India, where it can be difficult to find a job since the competition is quite tough in India
  • People from India are in general hardworking which is a good quality when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Are you from India and want to improve your life?

How can that be possible? I know that it can be a challenge to believe that. In general, people are stuck in the environment they are living in.

The fact is, if you speak English, Have a certain technical knowledge (which means that you should be able to at least handle a computer and want to work hard for improving your life, you are well qualified or a candidate to be a successful affiliate marketer).

Why can I say that? — Because with the right training, anyone with these criteria can be successful and improve their life.

Where to get the right training?

To be straightforward. The name of that platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate

Why chose this platform? There are a few reasons for this.

  1. They give you the best possible training, starting from scratch.
  2. There is a huge community to help you 24/7.
  3. They have helped a thousand of people to be successful.
  4. They have been in business since 2005.
  5. No experience required.

As I said Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 and has helped thousands of people to be successful affiliate marketers. The founders are 2 Canadian guys as you can see in the picture below.

Learn a new skill

To learn to do affiliate marketing is like learning a new skill or trade – a legitimate trade where all involved are winners. Many of the bigger companies have an affiliate program, where they are inviting persons like you and me to be their affiliates and send customers to their web page. You will get your personal link and if the customer buys anything from the company, the company will reward you with a commission.

You can imagine if you were able to send your link to hundreds or even thousands of people and quite a few of these buy through your link, then you will have an additional income that can grow from month to month as you grow your business.

All this is possible with Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you how to set up your own profitable website and you will learn how this website eventually will climb to the first page on Google. They will also teach you how to use social media in a way that will drive a lot of traffic to your website, with the goal to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

How much does it cost?

Actually, it is free to join. It will give you the possibility to test them out. You will be given your own website also for free and get 10 lessons on how to use this site in the best possible way.

The first week you will have access to many of the upgraded features and if you decide to upgrade within 7 days you will get the first month for $19. Note: You can stay as a free member as long as want. If you later want to upgrade the fee is $49 per month.

Sample of the first 10 lessons

The lessons consist of 5 modules with 10 lessons in each module. Totally 50 lessons. When you are through with these lessons you can consider yourself an expert in affiliate marketing.

The Community 

Wealthy Affiliate contains a community with people from all over the world, including India. Many of these people are helpers at the platform, meaning that if someone needs help or is stuck in their training they can just put in a ticket and they will get help within minutes. This is possible since the helpers are from all over the world. So this feature is working 24/7. Never get stuck!



Every week webinars are conducted. These webinars are very helpful in increasing your knowledge about affiliate marketing and how you can increase your business, including crawl your website to the first page on Google.

Sample of webinars

These webinars are held by an expert who joined Wealthy Affiliate 2007. So after more then 13 years experience he has a lot that he can teach. These webinars are recorded, so it always possible to come back and see them on a time convenient for you.

You can choose from hundreds of these recorded webinars. Not too bad in my opinion!

Is it worth it?

Definitely! Wealthy affiliate is an investment in your future. When you achieve your goal as a skilled affiliate marketer, you can slow down the pace and more or less only maintain your business. My friend who joined before me, already makes $7000+ and he only works around 10 hours per month. Who doesn’t want to make much money and working only 10 days per month? There are many on this platform who can testify similar experiences. Yes, it is worth it! Honestly, anyone can do it if they just put in the efforts needed.


Every year Wealthy Affiliate invites people to Las Vegas who have recruited 300 persons in one year to Wealthy Affiliate’s platform and have upgraded to premium member. It is not even 1 person per day. On this trip to Las Vegas, everything is included. The travel, the hotel, the food and so on. It could be you next time.


Some Information about Wealthy Affiliate:

Real TestimoniesRead Real Testimonies and Reviews

Training: Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Overall Ranking: 97/100

Recommended: Yes – There are much more features and information inside that will blow your mind.


It is free to join. No credit card information required.

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  1. Hi I am from India but for the moment I am working at a project in the Netherlands. It is true what you say, when I and my family need to go back it might be difficult to find a good job. Maybe Wealthy Affiliate will be the solution. Thanks for your article.

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