How Does Affiliate Marketing Work With Amazon?

In this post, I will show – how does affiliate marketing work with amazon?

To benefit from Amazon’s affiliate program you need the traffic to what you want to offer. I will come to that later in this post. Amazon is one of the most popular and biggest platforms for affiliate marketing with around 500.000.000 products. The affiliate commission is between 1 to 10 percent So you can see the benefit of being an affiliate for Amazon.

In addition to many products, there is another benefit.

Let’s say that you are promoting a health product on your website with a link directed to Amazon and a potential customer click on your link and comes to your promotion. But suddenly the customer finds something else that captures his interest and he buys that product instead Then you also will get a commission for that buy.

So to be an affiliate on Amazon is actually to be an affiliate for millions of products.

Understandably, many affiliate marketers chose to promote products on Amazon.

Before I go into how to get the needed traffic to your site I want to say something about almost all those who promise to help you be successful with affiliate marketing.

Be aware of the scammers!

If you write “affiliate marketing” on Google you will get

599,000,000 results So it is a very popular search term and shows that many are interested in this kind of online business.

But as usual, there are a lot of scammers who want to take advantage of those who want to try to start an online business. Therefore, it is good to be aware of how they work.

A few criteria to look for are:

  • If they promise that you will get rich quickly it is probably a scam. There are very few opportunities online where you get rich “overnight” so to speak. If you want to succeed online it is always connected with determined hard work.
  • Don’t pay anyone upfront. Maybe they offer you a program that will show you how to get traffic to your website. Since traffic is essential for a successful business and since everyone understands this it is easy for a scammer to offer you this traffic that very seldom works.

The following link is to such a scammer but in general, they all work the same way. Click Here!

With this said, let us go further.

How to be a successful Amazon affiliate marketer

Everyone who wants to be a successful affiliate marketer needs proper and legit training. As we discussed many scammers will offer your training and I gave a few examples of how to avoid them. But it is not only to avoid scammers we also need to know where to go to get the best training possible. Let me present Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate – the best training platform

This is quite a bold statement but I think you will agree with me when you read this post through.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that was founded in 2005. It was 2 Canadian guys who did affiliate marketing and they were quite successful.

They understood that affiliate marketing had a great future ahead. So they decided to create a platform to teach people to be skilled in this field of online business.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

From 2005 up to this date the Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 1.400.000 members and quite a few of them use Amazon as their platform for affiliate marketing. In the back office, Wealthy Affiliate has a blog where many members talk about how they get sales from Amazon, and as I said before they get sales of things that they didn’t even promote.

The members of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) are coming from all categories of people. There are young and old (the oldest I know is 93) there are housewives and grandmothers and all learn how to be skillful affiliate marketers. In other words, ordinary people are taught to be successful online.

How does it work?

It is designed as a step-by-step training starting from scratch. That means that you don’t have any technical skills when you start the training. That is one of the reasons there are such a variety of people in WA.

Sample of the 10 first lessons at Wealthy Affiliate

All the lessons have a video explanation which makes it easier to understand or grasp. In one sense it is only to copy and paste. After each lesson, you will get some tasks to do before going to the next one.

The webinars – an ongoing feature since years back

Something that WA’s members appreciate very much is the weekly webinars. It is an ongoing feature that helps the members with the latest trends and developments on the internet.

They are led by Jay a real expert who joined WA already in 2007. It means that he has almost 14 years or more of experience of the internet word and he shares this with the WA’s members.

One thing that is appreciated is that he can explain “complicated” things in a way that anyone can understand, even newbies.

Every webinar is around 1 hour followed By a Q&A session.

Another thing that is appreciated is that the webinars are recorded so it is possible to see them any time if you for one reason are not able to see them live. There are hundreds of these recordings with different subjects.

Another unique feature – The Community

Something you can’t find in another place is WA’s Community.

It contains WA members from all over the world. It is members that have been with the platform for a while and voluntarily are working as helpers for those who have a question or are another concern.

For example, let say that you are stuck in your training and need help. It can be very frustrating especially if you are working late hours. But this is not a problem within WA’s platform.

There are over 1.400 community helpers scattered all over the globe. It means that there will always be some who are “awake” and ready to give you a helping hand

After you put in a “ticket” at the back office of the platform and just wait a few minutes you will get the help you required.

The Community is an amazing feature you can’t find somewhere else.

Jaxxy is the SEO tool that will give you traffic

Jaxxy can be said to be the heart of Wealthy Affiliate.

This SEO tool was invented by the owners of WA.

An SEO tool is an instrument that will help your website to get to the first page on Google. When a web page is there it will be like the floodgates are opened and there will be a lot of traffic to that site. That is the reason why Wealthy Affiliate’s members are so successful.

Many when thinking of SEO tools think of it as complicated algebra that is so difficult to understand, but when it comes to WA’s Jaxxy even a Child can understand how to use it.

There are many more features within Wealthy Affiliate and I have only mentioned a few of them. But everything on this platform is of the best quality and designed for success to its users.

What will you do?

Probably you already think that it must cost a lot of money to be a Wealthy Affiliate member. Then I can delight you that you actually can start at WA as a free member or starter member as it is also called. As a starter member, you will have access to the first 10 lessons and will be given 2 websites all for free.

You will also for 7 days have access to almost all features that a premium or upgraded member has. This will allow you to browse around the platform and test it out. If you within the 7 days decide to upgrade you will get a 61% discount the first month. No credit card information is needed to sign up as a starter member. I really hope to see you inside.

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