How To Earn Money Online As A Student

In this post, I will cover how to earn money online as a student. 

Students and the economy 

To be a student these days can be quite challenging, especially now in these pandemic times when many schools temporarily close down and open up again and then close down again because a new variation of the covid-19 virus appears. The whole world is more or less in turmoil.

So it is not easy to be a student in the middle of all this.

I am sure that many students worry about their education and graduation. “Will I be able to get a job after I graduate, especially since the world economy is down just now, they may ask?”

Probably it will take years for the economy to be back on track again and to be young with little experience of the job market might very well be an additional factor that worries many students.

So, what is the option?

The option is to take your life into your own hands. Not just trust the established system to secure your future. Today there are millions of people who have built up an income online and quite a few of them are not depending on having a job for someone else. In other words, they have taken control of their own lives.

“That sounds good” you may say “but I don’t even know where or how to start.”

You have a point there. The internet is full of people so-called “gurus” who are more than willing to “help” you, but in reality, they are only after your money even if their promises sound sooo good.

They work in a very tricky way. To see an example of how they go about it, Click Here! This is just an example but their methods are identical.

Consequently, you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you can avoid these scammers.

Is there any legit way to earn money online?

You as a student you probably know the importance of having good teachers. The better teacher the better student.

I can tell about an experience from my home country Sweden. There was a class in a school in the south of Sweden where the whole class lost their motivation to study and their grades were as low as was possible. This was the last year in their high school.

Then someone came up with the idea. “Why not chose the best teachers in Sweden and put them in this class and we will see the result.” Said and done. The result? This class became one of the best classes in Sweden that year and the television did a documentary about this and the whole nation could follow the development through their TV’s.

All these teachers had something in common. That was that they cared for every student individually, and I mean really cared for the students. They saw the potential in each individual and went from there. One of the teachers in music even gave one of the students in his class a guitar that he didn’t use so much for the present.

I must say that I appreciated that serial so much and it was a real joy to follow this class from the beginning to the end.

But was is the point?

It is the same principle when it comes to earning money online. If you should be successful you need the best teachers, not the “gurus” that are only after your money.

So the question is: Is there any legit program or platform that can prove to be successful in this regard? 

Let me present Wealthy Affiliate 

What is the Wealthy Affiliate you may ask?

It could be compared to the best teachers in the illustration above.

This platform has helped people to earn money online since 2005. I mean a lot of people, that is tens of thousands.

One thing that Wealthy Affiliate has in common with the teachers above is that they care. They want you to be successful and the whole structure of the platform is to give you a helping hand. How do they do that?

They similarly teach you as in school but with a significant difference. From the very first lesson, there is a video explanation Which makes it easier to understand. Then you will have a few tasks to do before you go further to the next lesson.

But here it is a big feature that you normally don’t have in an ordinary school. After each lesson, there will be 4 and sometimes up to 10 persons who are there as helpers if there would be something that you didn’t grasp or if you just want to clarify something. In other words, you will never get stuck. Help is always available.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

These 2 family guys founded Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 with the only purpose to help people to be successful online.

The Community 

Everyone that signs up with Wealthy Affiliate will feel very welcomed. It is a very friendly environment. And what we call the Community is a very important part of this platform.

They consist of members who have been around for a while and consequently they got quite much experience and they are willing to use their experience to help newer ones.

That means if you have any question that you would like to get an answer to, the Community will be there for you. They are working in the back office and are experts in different areas so the knowledge is covered on almost everything you can imagine when it comes to success online.

So, if you put in a “ticket” there will always be someone who can answer that. Normally you will get the answer within minutes. Wealthy Affiliate is a big platform with members from 195 countries and all are designed for you to get successful.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform for helping people to make money online.

Last Year they HELPED OVER 217,530 to start their first business.


There are many more features of Wealthy Affiliate but I will not go into all details, but I can guaranty that this platform can help anyone how to earn money online as a student. 

Let us see what members themselves have to say:

June has been a good month for me. I have got a lot of new people on my email list, A lot of leads, and made some affiliate sales as well. Still, a few days left to go.

Earning Affiliate marketing commissions daily. Not huge sums, but it will add up.

Today I woke up to a commission of £ 45,36 for a sale I did this week. A 40% commission sale



When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was at first overwhelmed by the constant greetings that I received.

I was struggling to understand if all this welcoming was genuine.

 appreciate all your thoughts, opinions, shared experiences in this discussion.



I don’t know where to start. I tried different things before I began a wealth affiliate program, and so far, no regrets. The community here is the best, no doubt that’s why I’m staying here.



Like everyone who stumbles across WA on the internet, I was looking for something. I do not remember the exact question that I typed into Google at the time. But most likely it was related to making money online.

Like most, it was not the first time that I had asked this question.

I ended up on a website that directed me to WA. I joined because it was free to join, and they did not want a credit card. Big plus.

I used the platform as much as I could for that first free interval to see what was here and what I thought.

Surprise….. the WA platform did not ask me to do anything other than learning and build my niche site.

Yes, I received the emails from Kyle reminding me that my upgrade window was closing and if I thought there was value then I needed to join premium.

Simply put – the value was there, and I had built a website to prove it so how could I not join.

There is honesty to the WA program that is refreshing.

It has been called a university (I prefer apprenticeship). But like any higher learning program, they will encourage you, but they will not coddle you. If you want to learn and grow – you can – if you want to coast you can.

WA makes no judgments. We are all equal and we can all succeed.



These were just a few testimonials and I think they can represent what hundreds of others will say about Wealthy Affiliate.

Anything is possible on this platform.


So if you are a student or someone else, why not take a test drive. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and you don’t even need to reveal any credit card information.

That is what you can expect from a legit platform.

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  1. Hi Goran
    I think you are right
    as a student, we are depending
    on the education from school.
    It is much better to be your own boss.

    • Yes Rune I must admit
      that real learning
      comes after school.
      All the best

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