How To Make Money Online For A Newbie?

In this post I will cover: how to make money online for a newbie.

Is it easy to make money online?

No, it is not easy, but it is possible. Many so-called “Gurus” will try to make you believe that it is easy. Why do they do this? Probably they want to sell something to you that they claim you must-have for making money online. Look at this guy as an example. Click here! His name is Ewen Chiah. His selling methods a pretty the same as many other so-called “Gurus” Pay me upfront and I give you something that doesn’t work.

Guys like him are more or less responsible for the over 90% of those who try to make money online fails.

But actually, it is possible for anyone to make money online even for newbies but as I said in the beginning there is no easy money in this industry.

Then, how to make money online?

Surround yourself with people who already are successful and who want you to be successful too.

How to find these people?

You will find at Wealthy Affiliate University.

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

It is a platform who teaches people how to do affiliate marketing. It has been around since 2005. Wealthy Affiliate was founded or created by 2 Canadian guys. Since then Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 2 million members. That is more than the inhabitant of over 90 nations on the earth today.

That is BIG!

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

It is like a university course in affiliate marketing. It is a step-by-step system starting from scratch.

That is why this platform is really good for someone who is a newbie and wants to enter the online internet world on how to make money online. They can promote anything that a person has an interest in, a so-called niche. They can choose from 1 million+ niches and Wealthy Affiliate will help anyone to get the needed traffic to their niche website.

These are the first 10 lessons








In total there are 50 lessons. when these lessons are done the person  will get an OEC Online Entrepreneur Certification ==========================>

It means that the person already got the training needed to be a successful affiliate marketer. It will take a few months go through those lessons, since every lesson are quite thorough. In each lesson, there is a video explanation embedded, followed by a few tasks to do before entering the next lesson or level.

That is why anyone can do this even if he is a newbie in this industry.

Additional training

Since this world and the internet is constantly changing, Wealthy Affiliate has an additional feature.

That is the weekly webinars.

The webinars are held by an expert on internet marketing who joined Wealthy Affiliate already 2007. These webinars cover areas that will help us grind our business and constantly be on the top of the game. All webinars are recorded so it is possible to see them when it is convenient for us. After each webinar, there is also a Q&A session.

Then we have the Community

A quite amazing feature within Wealthy Affiliate is the Community. Since there is over 2 million members from 195 countries and quite a few of these have chosen to be helpers within in the platform.

One of the most difficult aspects of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely manner through access to tons of people with all kinds of experience is exactly what you can look forward to.

Illustration of the Community


This means that a person can always get help from experts. As you see on the picture these helpers are from all over the world which means that if someone needs some help or wants to ask something, there will always be someone available to help. This works 24/7. The person will be helped within minutes.

Everything about your learning is live and interactive. You can engage and communicate directly within the lessons and get help with any questions that you may have. Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction. Never stuck!

Suppose you are attending a school with a lot of teachers for every student. Wouldn’t that be pleasant? That is what Wealthy Affiliate offers through the Community

The website

When someone signs up for Wealthy Affiliate (for free) they will be given a WordPress website and this site will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own server called SiteRubix. Within a few minutes, you are going to have your very own niche website online and visible on the internet.

This website that once took weeks, and sometimes months to build, can now be built very fast. Now a person doesn’t have to spend his time with the technical things of building a website, he can focus his energy on what really matters – His business.

The age range of people that have built a web page with Wealthy Affiliate: 8 years to 97 years

Average time to build a full-function web page = Less than 1 minute.

Jaxxy the SEO tool

It is impossible to say something about it without mention The SEO tool Jaxxy. I will not go in too deep about this tool, but I want to mention that this tool will help anyone to get the right kind of traffic from Google. If you want to have more information about Jaxxy you can just Click here!

Are there any hooks?

I can understand your concern. Out there are many who just want you to spend your money on them. But wealthy Affiliate is a 100% legit platform. That is why Wealthy Affiliate offers anyone to join for free and for 7 days test the platform as an upgraded member. If you want to continue as a premium member in order to test it further you will get the first month with 61% discount. That is $19. After that, it is $49 per month.

Is it really worth it?

It is up to you to decide, but there must be a reason why wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 2 million members and continue to dominate the market.

The Establishment tells us that we need to go to university for 3 to 4 years just to get a degree and often it ends up with a substitute career How many have not ended up as a cleaner at a restaurant after graduation. That is the old way of doing things. At Wealthy Affiliate University, you are not just getting access to the most powerful training platform in the world, you are building a real and solid business where you can start earning very fast.

Take any interest of yours and turn it into your occupation.

Join the fastest growing business platform on the earth, which is the Internet. The training within Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to benefit from any interest, or passion that you have. You don’t need any experience or product. Just bring your passion to Wealthy Affiliate and they will help you turn that into a profitable business.

What I have covered here, is just my own words, but I am convinced that anyone who try Wealthy Affiliate will say: “Now I can see it with my own eyes and you were right”.

What’s now?

If you trust what I have written, there is only one option. What is that? That is to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and test if anything I said in this post was correct or not. You can’t lose anything since it is free to join. You don’t even need to reveal your credit card information. Just join and after that, you can find out if this was something for you or not. Fair enough?

But I must admit that I really wish to see you inside so that we can together grow our businesses to success.

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  1. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with world class training and is perfect for anybody who is new to affiliate marketing. Even those who already have some experience will benefit from the advance training and weekly webinars. The site support is brilliant and the community spirit really encourages you. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you follow the training, you will succeed. 

  2. I think everyone can benefit, young and old, newbie and more advanced. There must be a reason why people stay at Wealthy Affiliate year after year.

  3. Thanks for the great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for learning online marketing and build an online business. It’s great for beginners who know nothing about online business. I’ve joined for almost a year now and I have learnt a lot so far. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who want to be successful online.

  4. The path to a successful affiliate marketing business is available on the Wealthy Affiliate website. It takes just a few minutes to set-up your account and get started with a new website that could change your future. Even if you think you are not a newbie, WA provides tools and support that every affiliate marketer should have on their journy to be successful. Thanks for recommending WA!

  5. A few months ago, I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner, with no prior knowledge of websites, affiliate marketing, internet promotion, SEO, and everything you need to know if you want to succeed. This platform has allowed me to take the first steps, provides me with the necessary knowledge, I have a wonderful community at my disposal all the time for all questions that need answers, I can only say that I am very pleased to have discovered Wealthy Affiliate and decided to join.
    You have presented this platform perfectly, and I would warmly recommend it to both beginners and those who are already trying online but do not yet have concrete results to join WA.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Thank you Nina1 I think you express what most of us feel about Wealthy Affiliate

      All the best


  6. Goran, thanks for this post. It is a great explanation for anyone who is new to online marketing and doesn’t know where to begin. Of course, Wealthy Affiliate, is a leader in this field and the training is awesome. Anyone with no experience can succeed if they follow the step-by-step training. I have been burned by scams before and am glad that I found my way to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • True Jenni

      I think almost all of have been burned before we found Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. Nice. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good starting place. Admittedly I haven’t attended much of the classes- much of my time gets sucked up by research and content. I think it’s mostly a matter of getting into the mindset of being in it for the long haul. Many people have trouble committing to things for a few days or weeks, let alone several months. It definitely takes a sort of mental resilience you need to build up.

    • You are so right! Wealthy Affiliate is a Marathon race. Must look beyond tomorrow. But at the same time it is a learning process that will benefit you for years to come. All the best Goran

  8. The first step towards a new goal is often the most challenging, so thank you for an article directed at newbies who might be intimidated by the process of starting this new venture. It’s helpful to have real world examples and resources to get started. Training certainly helps rookies learn valuable lessons so it’s fantastic to see lots of that offered!

    • Thank you for your comment Aly. Wealthy Affiliate has everything people need to succeed online, together with hard work. But any business require hard work. All the best ❣️ Göran 

  9. 14How To Make Money Online For A Newbie? – Thank you very much for a wonderful post. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and i must say I have learn a lot. The level of support you get from the community is amazing, Training is detailed and you are able to work at your own pace. Why not surround yourself with like minded people.

    • Thank you Diana.

      I agree. Wealthy Affiliate is like a University course in Affiliate marketing with many teachers by your side. All the best


  10. I’m excited to read we can make money online with websites. I’m not tech-savvy. But this platform seems quite intuitive. I also like the fact there is a large community backing us up once we join. I would like to take advantage of their free trial. This is the type of platform I was looking for. Thanks!

    • Please test it! You will be surprised. The best thing is the free trial. You don’t need to pay anything or even reveal your credit card information. That is what I think is fair enough. https://bit.ly/2OanEwL

  11. Hi, thanks for sharing this. You have made a very compelling case for winning up with Wealthy Affiliate. I wonder whether you have had any experience before in any online business or marketing or are you also completely new to this field? Have you tried any other platforms or affiliate marketing training programs? I also wonder whether in your opinion Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for all niches equally or whether it is better suited for just some niches. I would be interested to know what you think. Thanks and best regards, Andy

    • Thank you for your comment. I have tried to be online before but with very limited success. Wealthy Affiliate has everything a person need to be successful. I think any niche should be suitable for any niche. My niche for example is colloidal silver. something most people never heard of ,but there are millions of people using it. My niche within is to help people doing colloidal silver themselves. https://colloidalsilverhealth.com

      All the best


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