How To Start An Online Business in Malaysia?

In this post, I will explain – How To Start An Online Business in Malaysia?

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia is a quite young nation. 70% is between 15 and 64 years old and 23% is from 0 to 14 years old. It means that a big part of the population is in their powerful days.

Unfortunately, the pandemic of covid-19 has hit the country hard. Many have lost their jobs and it seems that it will take a while before the nation will recover.

This means that many people are looking for a way to get an income. I think I must mention that Malaysia is not known to be the most honest nation on the earth, but many people are really struggling to get ends meet.

Some scammers try to take advantage (especially from Singapore) by promising people to make money through e-commerce. They offer people through Facebook and other sources to visit their “free” webinars to how to go about. They talk for about an hour or so on how easy it is to sell on Amazon or ClickBank and so on. But in reality, they are only selling their so-called “secrets” if you attend their next webinar. That will cost between $495 to $995 for a 2 days course. That is between RM 2000 to RM 4000.

Just to see an example of a Singaporean who uses this method. His name is Ewen Chiah. Click here!

And honestly, the “secrets” he sells is crap, but it is too late if you already paid him upfront.

How to help Malaysians in a legit way?

Look at the picture ====================>

This is the legit solution for any Malaysian who wants to start an online business. Some even call it Wealthy Affiliate University and as you will see there is no upfront paying in this platform.

It is a program that will teach anyone who wants to set up his online business in a niche of his own choice.

All of us have some kind of special interest that our hearts are burning for. It might be watches, opals, health products or clothe designs or pets, you just name it. There are millions of areas that a person can choose to have as his personal hobby or interest. So your love for something can actually be your business. That is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


It was created in 2005 by two guys from Canada. They were quite new in the field of affiliate marketing, but they cracked the key to be successful. Therefore they reasoned: “Why not create a platform that will help others to be successful too?”

This was the way Wealthy Affiliate was created. A small beginning, but has grown to over 2.4 million members today and continues growing. So if you are a Malaysian and want to be successful online, you are at the right place.

How does it work?

The best is that you don’t need any experience since it is a step-by-step system starting from scratch. When you sign up (for free) you will be given a WordPress website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s server SiteRubix. This website will be the foundation for your business. Which niche you choose to work with will be up to you. That is the joy with this because you can choose anything that you have an interest in and make that your business,

Sample of the first 10 lessons.

What you see here, are 10 lessons in this module. In total there are 5 modules with 50 lessons When you are finished with all lessons you will get a certificate called OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certificate) which shows that you are qualified to do affiliate marketing within your niche. At that point, you probably already started to generate income from your business.

Each lesson has a video explanation and after each lesson you will be asked to do a few tasks before you enter the next lesson.

More features of Wealthy Affiliate

Another feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly webinars. These are webinars that keep us up to date on what is happening on the internet. This helps us to be ahead of the competition. Always one step ahead. LOL.

Sample of these weekly webinars

These webinars are conducted by a real expert within Wealthy Affiliate. His name is Jay, also a Canadian and he joined this platform in 2007. In other words, he has over 13 years of experience with Wealthy Affiliate. The purpose of this training is to make each one of us more skillful and be more successful in our business. These webinars are on top of the OEC training and a part of the membership.

All these webinars are recorded so they can be viewed anytime. As you see of the sample there are many subjects. It is only to pick and choose something that can be of interest. There are hundreds of them, so it is more or less impossible to miss anything that can contribute to your success online.

Can you as a Malaysian find something similar? Not among those Singaporean guys that just want to rip off your money.

Another helpful feature, the Community

Something that is appreciated among Wealthy Affiliate’s over 2.4 million members is the Community. The Community contains of members that are ready to help out whenever there is a need.

Illustration of the Community

As you see on the picture those members are from all over the world.

How does it work? Let’s say that you are working on your business and suddenly you need some help. If you were in another program or platform you probably have to wait 24 hours or more before you get assistance and that is a long time if you are stuck.

It is different with Wealthy Affiliate. This community is working 24/7. It is because the members are from all over the world, so there will always be someone to assist you. It will normally only take a few minutes before help is given.

In what areas can you get help? Basically, anything that has to do with your business. It can be technical things with your website, it can be about Google and free traffic, yes anything connected to your business. This community is an invaluable asset for your business.

Jaxxy – the SEO tool

Including in the membership of Wealthy Affiliate is a SEO tool called Jaxxy. This is the most advanced but still easy to use in order to get free traffic from Google. It is a tool that every internet marketer should have even if they are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

To get more information on how Jaxxy works Click Here!

This tool costs $19 per month if used separately, but it is included in Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate the only legit platform?

First of all, it is free to join. This means that you will be given a free WordPress website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own server SiteRubix.com which you can keep, even if you don’t upgrade to premium. For the first 7 days, you can test the premium membership for free. It means that you will have access to the community, the webinars, and even Jaxxy and 10 lessons.

If you want to upgrade to premium within the 7 days trial you will get the first month for around 60% discount, which is $19. After that month it is $49 per month.


If you are a Malaysian and want to do online business, beware of the scammers, especially those from Singapore that offer you their “secrets” on how to make money online. You have to pay them upfront RM 2000 to RM 4000 for 2 days of training and you will get a solution that normally is just crap and then are left alone with your money in their pockets.

How much better isn’t it to join Wealthy Affiliate. They are letting you test their platform for free before you choose to continue or not. That is what I call legit.

Wealthy Affiliate will guaranty your success by following their step-by-step system for only around RM 200 per month and training 24/7, 30 days a month. You will never be alone since you have the Community to help you whenever you need a helping hand.

So what I can suggest is that you sign up for free and test the platform and then you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is something for you. You have nothing to lose.


I hope you liked this post. If you have any comments or question(s) please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. This is an excellent overview of a brilliant platform.

    As you have pointed out, Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely everything that anyone will need to start their online business.

    There step by step training means that anyone can understand it.

    Hi highly recommend that everyone should have a go at creating their own website.

    • Thanks for your comment, Geoff.

      I agree 100% to what you said about Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best


  2. It’s nice to hear we can start an online business wherever we are in the world. And this sounds like a good way to be able to work on something we have been passionate about all our life. I really like to write. And it sounds like a dream to be able to make a living writing content on the Internet.

    • Thank you for you comment, Abel.

      If you really like to write I am sure that you will be successful.

      All the best


  3. I believe no matter where you live, or what country, anyone can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a great platform to get your online business going with everything you need right there.  Training, the community, web site builder, and much more.  I have been with them for quite some time and I agree with everything you have said 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Leahrae. 

      Yes, you are right  that Wealthy Affiliate can be used almost all over the world. Why I choose Malaysia is because it appeared in Jaxxy with low competition and since I live in Malaysia myself I thought it could be a nice combination. LOL. I also know that many Malaysians want to come online, but as I said in the post, be aware of the scammers from Singapore and I gave one example of Ewen Chiah that in my opinion are one of the worst.

      All the best


  4. It’s helpful to have all these resources to be a guide when starting an online business in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing the details about Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy and how you use their tools and processes in order to find the money in your online niche. This is not only great for online businesses in Malaysia but could be valuable to use almost anywhere in the world!

    • Thank you Aly for your comment.

      Yes I know that Wealthy Affiliate can be used all over the world. why I choose Malaysia is because it appeared in Jaxxy with low competition and since I live in Malaysia myself I thought it was a nice combination. LOL.

      All the best


  5. Hi, GORAN
    Thank you for the article you shared with us about Start An Online Business in Malaysia,
    I’m going to talk about (Wealthy Affiliate)
    I used Wealthy Affiliate, I found so many lessons in their system, I made a website by following the first lessons and still don’t complete it because they have so many things that really helpful

    Aside from others, I stop losing money, they seem great! Definitely hand wash them.
    Once again Thank you

    • Thank you Anas. You are right, there is a lot to learn at Wealthy Affiliate. Just take it step by step and you will en up as an expert. 

      All the best


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