Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

In this post I will explain how to learn affiliate marketing online.

Is it possible to learn affiliate marketing online?

Actually almost all affiliate marketing is done online. The big question is from whom shall we learn?

I am sure that from your school-time you had a favorite teacher Why? Because he or she cared.

I can tell you an experience from Sweden

It is about a class in one school where the pupils didn’t do so well. Actually their grades were among the worst in the whole country. This was the last class in high school so the future of the pupils were on stake. If they graduated with these low marks they wouldn’t have much of a future. So what to do?

They tried to do an experiment. They took the best teachers in the country and put them to teach in this class. The result? This class became one of the top classes in the country.

What was it that made this class so successful? The teachers had one quality in common. They cared for each individual and showed that in reality

The Swedish television made a serial of this and it was very interesting to follow each pupil’s progress

Why am I telling this?

Because if you want to learn affiliate marketing online you must have the best teachers who really cares for your success. There are so many “gurus” who want to teach you how to succeed but their main interest is to get your money into their own pockets. Here is one example!

Is there any place that you can trust and where you can be taught to be successful?

Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate

I have been looking for years and the only platform I found in my journey for learning how to succeed online is Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because if there is any platform that really cares for your success, it is Wealthy Affiliate.

Why am I so sure about this? First of all I myself joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 2019 and if you continue to read you will understand what I mean.

First little history about Wealthy Affiliate

This platform was founded 2005 and up to this point it has helped tens of thousands of people to be successful online. It was 2 Canadian guys who came up with the idea to create a platform with the purpose of helping others to be skilled affiliate marketers.


The founders of Wealthy Affiliate


How does Wealthy Affiliate works?

It is a step by step system where you start from scratch and work yourself up to the top.

When you finished the basic training you will get this certificate. It is an Online Entrpreneur Certification. It means that you completed 50 lessons and can now consider yourself as a qualified online marketer.

Of course during the training, already from the first lesson you have put to practice what you learn and probably you already are making money in the process.

The first 10 lessons

Every lesson has a video explanation embedded which make it so much more understandable and after each lesson you will have a few tasks to do before you move on to the next one. It is a very logic training, starting from scratch and step by step take you to the next level.

The website

In one of the first lessons you will be given a website from Wealthy Affiliate. It is WordPress site and it will be hosted on Wealty Affilite’s own server called SiteRubix. This site will be your foundation or real estate on internet.

It is a high quality site with many features built in like high speed, security from hackers and a lot more.

When your site is set up you can actually start your affiliate marketing.

In the training Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to get traffic to your website and eventually get on the first page on Google.

When it eventually is there, only the sky is the limit on how much you can earn.

The Community

One powerful feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Community

The Community consists of members from all over the world. They are working as a gigantic customer service. If you in your training get stuck, don’t despair. The Community is there to help you. You just put out your concern to them and help will come within minutes.

Since the Community members are from 190 countries it doesn’t matter when you want to have help. There will always be someone there for you. With other words the Community is working 24/7.

The Webinars

Something that benefits Wealthy Affiliate’s members are the weekly webinars.


These webinars are held by a real expert in affiliate marketing. He joined Wealthy Affiliate 2007 only 2 years after its foundation. So he is a real veteran with over 13 years of experience. These webinars are held every Friday evening, but for me it will be Saturday morning because of the time difference between Canada and Malaysia. After each webinar (around 1 hour) there is a Q&A session.

These webinars are recorded, so if you are not able to attend the live session there will still be possibilities to see and learn from them. These stored webinars are like a huge online library where you can go to and pick the subject that might be of interest for the moment.

Jaxxy the SEO tool

One important tool that Wealthy Affiliate provide is the SEO tool named Jaxxy.

This tool is very powerful when it comes to ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo and very easy to use so even a child should be able to use it.

More about how to use this tool will be provided in the training but I can tell you so much that using this tool will eventually bring you to the first page on Google.

I can mention that Jaxxy can be bought without being a Wealthy Affiliate member but it is included in Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. You can test it for free. See the sidebar on this page.

What guaranty does Wealthy Affiliate give for success?

They don’t give any guaranties, because it is actually up to you if you will succeed or not. They provide the training and the tools you need. Those who already are successful and earn at least $7000+ say that they just followed the training or put to practice what they learned.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. It is a program where you learn affiliate marketing online. If you want to see some more opinions you can check the following link. See real people testimonies

Wealthy Affiliate gives you something that is very rare. Almost all so called “Gurus” want you to pay them upfront before you get something from them. Actually you don’t really know what you will get before you take up your credit card and pay them.

Wealthy Affiliate is different. They let you sign up as a starter member for free and on top of that they give you a free premium membership for 7 days, without revealing any credit card information. That is what I call legit.

Test it and see with your own eyes

During these 7 days you can test the upgraded features and browse around in your back office and just enjoy all the good things with Wealthy Affiliate. If you still want to continue as a starter member after the 7 days you are free to do that. You will still have your website and access to the first 10 lessons without paying a cent.

What does it cost to upgrade?

If you decide to upgrade within the 7 days you will get the first month for only $19. If you after this month choose to continue with the training the fee is $49 per month.

So what are you waiting for? Wealthy Affiliate will lead you to success. The only thing you need to do is to follow their step by step system. This might very well be the day you have been waiting for your whole life.

Sign up now! It is free.

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  1. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for close to six years now and it is one membership that I won’t give up in a hurry. From the hosting to the community, to the training, what’s not to like?

    It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme and there are no promises made on when you are going to make your first dollar, as it is totally up to you the individual to put in the work and make it happen. I do this part-time, so it took me a year to see my first pay check, but many have done it in three months.

    What is your favorite feature in Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Thank you Michel

      The training and Jaxxy are my favorite features

      All the best


  2. As many other things, nowadays with the Internet, affiliate marketing is also possible to learn online. I never imagined we could have our own site and recomend products and also make profit from those recomendations.

    And the fact that this platform has a step by step training and that they provide the tools makes it a great choice to get started. Thank you very much.

  3. I have actually been with Wealthy Affiliate for about 5 years now.  It definitely is a great way to get involved in Affiliate Marketing, learn everything you need, build a website, and have a great community who will support you and answer any questions you have.  I say that it is probably the best way to get started…hands down!

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