The Best Work From Home Jobs For 2021

In this post, I will discuss where to find the best work from home jobs for 2021.

Searching for a way to make a living online

Many people are searching for a way to make money online.

How can they be helped without falling into the hands of the sharks or the so-called internet Gurus on the internet?

In my posts, written before I used to warn against these people.

You can read more about this here!

All these people out there just trying to find ways to make an extra income and it would be a pity if they became deceived by people who are just after their money to fill their own pockets.

This is easier to do now in these covid-19 times when many have lost their jobs and are desperate to find other ways of making a living.

Since you probably are searching for the best work-from-home jobs for 2021, let’s go to business.

The awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate

Why do I call this platform awesome?

Because if you are seriously looking for a place to make a living online there isn’t any better place to go.

Don’t you agree, that would be an advantage if someone took you by the hand so to speak, and showed you step by step how to make an income online, even if you don’t have any experience at all?

That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

They will teach you how to make money on any interest or passion you may have, also called niches.

Let’s say that you have a burning interest in health products. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to sell other’s products and you will get a commission from doing that. It is called affiliate marketing.

Now let us see more details on how Wealthy Affiliate teach you to be a skilled affiliate marketer but first little history.

Wealthy Affiliate was created back in 2005 by 2 Canadian guys. Already then they became successful in affiliate marketing. Since affiliate marketing a growing business they reasoned: “Why not create a platform where we can teach others to be successful too?” Said and done and Wealthy Affiliate was alive. Since then, it has grown to over 2 million people and still growing. Today it is without comparison the biggest platform in the world for affiliate marketing.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

The basic training

When you sign up (it is free to sign up) you can immediately start the training that is very simple but effective.

I joined in July 2019 and already after 1 month, I got this message from Wealthy Affiliate.

You have your very own niche website on your own domain

You have optimized your website for SEO

You understand the process of creating content

You have created several pages of content that are starting to get ranked

Your foundation for a long term, and successful business is in place

You KNOW more than 99% of your competition ????

This only after 1 month of training.

These are the 10 first lessons.

In total there are 50 lessons and every lesson has a video explanation which makes it so much easier to follow along.

After each lesson, you will be given a few tasks to do before you go further to the next lesson. It means that you practice while learning.

This is what I call excellent training methods. Probably before you finished this basic training you already started to make some money in the process.

The website 

All successful online businesses need a website.

That is the first thing you will get from Wealthy Affiliate when you sign up. This website will be the core of your business and it is not a general website. It is a site of the highest quality from WordPress and it will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s superfast server SiteRubix.

Below are some technical features on your website

SitePlus+ will give you a better ranking at Google.

SiteSSL (HTTPS) Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections and do it at WA for FREE!

 SiteProtect (Spam Blocker) WA SiteProtect happens at the server level and blocks ALL automated comments.

I mention this about the website so can understand that the website that will be given to you is of the highest quality.

Additional training

What we covered so far is the basic training and if applied should be enough for anyone to start earning on the affiliate market in any niche chosen.

But there is more. Every week Wealthy Affiliate presents a webinar. These webinars keep us updated on the latest trends on the internet and helps anyone to refine their businesses.

The one conducting these webinars is an old-timer when it comes to internet marketing. He joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007. It means that he has more than 13 years of experience on how to be a successful affiliate marketer and he willingly shares that with all who attend.

These webinars are around 1 hour in length followed by a Q&A session. All webinars are recorded and stored, so it is always a possibility to see them at a time convenient for you. There are hundreds of them so just pick and choose a subject that may be of special interest to you.

Sample of a few webinars at Wealthy Affiliate

The Community

You can’t talk about Wealthy Affiliate without saying a few words about the Community.

As I mentioned, this platform consists of over 2 million people. Many of them have been members for many years and consequently stored up a lot of experience. Some of these people feel that it would be nice to help out where there is a need.
That is why after each lesson there are 4 and sometimes up to 10 persons who are willing to help out if want something to be more clarified. It means that your training can go on smoothly without getting stuck.

Another way the Community plays a vital role at Wealthy Affiliate is in the back office you can put any question of concern to the whole Community regarding anything that has to do with your business or membership. Just a few minutes after you asked your question you will get an answer.

In my opinion, it is like huge customer service and it is always alive.

The Community is working 24/7 at Wealthy Affiliate

As you see in the picture, the members of the community are from all over the world, actually from 195 countries.

Jaxxy – the tool for traffic

If anyone wants to succeed online they need the traffic to their business. Without traffic – no business.

Wealthy Affiliate has solved this problem with this SEO tool called Jaxxy. It was created by the founder’s Kyle and Carson.

Jaxxy is one of the cores of this platform. Believe it or not, but this tool will eventually take your site to the first page on Google and when it is there only the sky is the limit.


Shall we let others say what they think about Wealthy Affiliate?

For me Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to run a successful business online and a community there to support you to keep going and reach the finishing line. Internet Marketing is not a race, rather than steady way of changing your life, one day at a time.

Their resources include Video Training, Keyword Research Tools, Web Hosting, Database Search of Topics and so much more (I could go on)

And last, but not least is the support from the community, which is second to none. I highly recommend WA to anyone wanting to start and build a web business around their passion, to give WA a go. Stick with it, seek advice when needed from the community and web owners and Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with everything you need and more, to make it online.

Richard Jagger 


My personal review of WA is positive.
Here you can learn a lot about the online world: from website development, to search engine optimization or keyword research, and depending on what kind of learner you’re visual or kinesthetic, there’s the option of reading or watching videos. Has everything you need to know to understand about the online marketing business.

I, especially, like the value of community and support, where everybody helps each other with the goal of achieving their online business goals and knowledge about building a business.

I’ve been here for 2 months and I have a great website with their excellent hosting, building my business and brand.
Learned about the niche, market research, and content creation.

So, I would recommend, anyone, to join wealthy because they’re a valuable mastermind community.

Wilton Santos

 I’m new here too on level 1, I’ve started 3 websites. I think everyone is awesome here including you & Carson . All members are helpful and positive, great platform I have a lot to learn!! !!So thanks.



These were just a few testimonials. I wish I could hear yours also, but first, you need to sign up and test the platform.

It is free to join so you have nothing to lose. You don’t even need to reveal any credit card information.

If you appreciate this post I would be happy to hear from you

Please make a comment below

All the best




  1. Hi, I am from Sweden and I understand that you too are from here.
    Good article!

  2. Great post.
    Yes affiliate marketing is a great way
    of earning an income, especially now
    in this pandemic time

    • Yes, affiliate marketing is a growing
      business, Donald.
      All the best

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