Ways Make Money Online From Home

In this post, I will discuss ways make money online from home.

Many peoples dreams are to make money online from home

Can it be a reality instead of just a dream?

It can if you just follow a few principles. The first one is to spot the scammers who are only after your money. Normally they have very appealing web pages with hype promises, especially that you can get rich very quickly if just buy their solution to how to go about it.

The first lie is that you can be rich quickly. There are no such things. To be successful online requires hard and consistent work.

Scammers also want you to pay upfront or at least they ask you to reveal your credit card information but as they say, you can cancel any time within a week in hope that you will forget so they can charge for at least the next month. In my opinion, they should give you one week to test their program and after that, you can decide if you want to continue or not. That would be fairer.

They have many tricks to get your money into their own pockets. Here is one example. Click here!

How to find a legit way to make money online?

For many, this is a real struggle.

The internet is saturated as we said by scammers and opportunities of very lousy quality. It is so easy to get lost in all these so-called possibilities to make money online.

So how to know if something is legit?

It should logically be the opposite reason on how we can spot a scammer.

  • Can the opportunity give you a trial of the program without revealing any credit card information?
  • Do they tell you that you will not be rich overnight?
  • Are they honest enough to tell you that you need to work hard?
  • Can they guaranty you will get help if you are stuck?
  • Is there any proof that they helped people to succeed?
  • How long have they been in business?

Yes, there are many reasonable questions to ask before jumping into something.

Can I recommend any program that lives up to these criteria?

Actually, I can.

The program that I will introduce is Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform teaches people to be skillful affiliate marketers.

It has been operating since back in 2005 when it was founded and has helped tens of thousands of people to be successful online. Today there are over 1.400.000 members. That in itself is proof that it is a legit platform operating for over 15 years and with so many members. Let us, therefore, see how it works.

The training

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people to be successful especially with affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is I can tell you that it is one of the most popular ways of making money online. To explain it in a simple way. You promote another person’s or company’s product and get a commission when there is a sale.

The training you get from Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step project where the training starts from very scratch. That means that anyone can learn the skills even if he has zero experience in affiliate marketing. That is the beauty of this platform and probably the reason why it consists of so many members.

Sample of the first 10 lessons

There are in total 50 lessons each around 30 minutes long. Each lesson has a video explanation embedded and afterward, you will be given a few tasks to do before you go to the next one. This system will be a guaranty that your business will be solid built on a step-by-step basis that anyone can do.

The webinars

Additional training is given by the weekly webinars.

They are held by Jay who joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2007. It means that he has over 13 years of experience within this platform.

During these 13 years, he has of course accumulated quite an amount of knowledge, and he keeps himself updated on the latest trends on the internet, Google, and social media.

This information he shares on the webinars and also teaches us how to use it for our businesses. This makes us ahead of the curve.

The webinars are around 1 hour long followed by a Q&A session.

If we are not able to attend the live session we are happy that all webinars are recorded so there is always the possibility to watch them at a more convenient time for us.

This feature is highly appreciated among wealthy Affiliate members.

The website

Every successful business starts with a solid foundation, a website.

That is why every person who joins Wealthy Affiliate will be given their own website (actually 2) hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own server SiteRubix. With a few clicks, you can have a beautiful website up and running and live online. You can choose your own theme or design with over 3000 templates. Every page will have a free SSL which stands for the security of the page. Building your website is as easy as a, b,c. Even a child can do it.

This website will be your foundation for your business and at the same time your piece of real estate on the internet.

All the technical aspects will be taken care of by Wealthy Affiliate.

The community

One of the most difficult aspects of building an online business is getting help when you are in need of it.

Wealthy Affiliate has solved this problem with an amazing feature called the Community.

The community consists of over 1.400 members scattered from all over the globe in 195 countries.

They have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while and now supporting those who are in need of help.

Suppose you were a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you were stuck in your training. That can be very frustrating but it is here the Community comes into the picture. You just go to the back office and put in a “ticket” about your concern. Normally within minutes you get help and can continue where you stopped. That is what I call effectiveness. You can’t find a similar feature somewhere else.

This is possible because the members are all over the world and there will always be someone who is “awake” and ready to assist you.

Jaxxy the sovereign SEO tool

Without traffic to your web page, there will be no business.

Jaxxy is the tool that fixes that problem. It will give you heaps of free traffic from Google and Yahoo.

This tool was created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and has helped tens of thousands to get businesses rolling.

Normally SEO tools are only for advanced marketers with a lot of data to be analyzed but Jaxxy is genius but at same time simple to use that even a child can do it. If you want to know more about Jaxxy, click here!

Would you like to test Wealthy Affiliate for free?

Yes it is possible and you don’t need to reveal any credit card information. Wealthy Affiliate has an arrangement that you can sign up as a starter member (or free member) so you can come inside and test it out. Additionally, for 7 days you will get access to almost all the features as a premium member. That is what I will call legit.

To sum it up. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

  • Can the opportunity give you a trial of the program without revealing any credit card information? YES!
  • Do they tell you that you will not be rich overnight? YES!
  • Are they honest enough to tell you that you need to work hard? YES!
  • Can they guaranty you will get help if you are stuck? YES!
  • Is there any proof that they helped people to succeed? YES!
  • How long have they been in business? Since 2005. Over 15 years!


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  1. As you describe it I think Wealthy Affiliate must be the best platform if you want to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer

    • Thank you, Leo.
      It is easy about something when your heart is burning with enthusiasm.
      All the best

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