Ways to Avoid Scams Online – How to do it!

   How can I avoid SCAMS online?

Many people ask: Is there any ways to avoid scams online?

Do research!

Unfortunately, online scammers are getting more common these days. They are also getting more sophisticated. So if you are one among those millions who want to start to make money online how can you avoid being scammed?

First of all, don’t believe in every claim that someone does, that his program or this is the way that will make you successful.

So how do I know where to start? Before you jump into something, you should do your own part by doing thorough research of the program that you may get involved in. I will give you a few examples that might guide you in this regard.

Don’t believe those who say that you can make big profits easily

If the program or company promises that if you just join them, there will be easy money. It is not true! There are no such things as easy money online. If that was true, there wouldn’t be millions of people struggling to get their first paycheck sometimes even after years of trying. To make money online requires hard and consistent work as it is in every business.

Here is an example of a person who promises easy money if you just buy his formula for success. Click Here!

Before you pay anything upfront, get all the details. An honest company will be happy to give you information about exactly what will be required if you join them.

How about multi-level companies?

There are quite many multi-level companies (MLM’s) operating today. Some big ones are Herbalife, Cosway and many more. It is possible to make some money through these companies, but honestly, it is not easy. Why is that? Normally their products are of high quality, but there is one weakness. The end-user has to pay a high price compared to if you buy a similar product in a normal store. This is because, since it is multi-level there are many who share the profit, maybe up to ten levels or more. Common sense tells you that the end-users are not willing to pay that high price.

In my opinion, it’s not fair that a product should be sold to a value more than it’s worth. This is one reason why so many fail when they join a multi-level company. I have tried it myself but without any real success, and so have many of my friends. So before joining a multi-level company it could be good to think twice.

My own experience

I would like to tell my own experience. I was involved in an MLM company called Nutronix. This was around 2007. Their products were of high quality.

Then they started something called “The Berry Tree” and they promised: “If you join The Berry Tree and order products for $50 per month, this will give you a residual income of $1336 per month.

Since the company already had been operating for 7 years I thought it was quite solid so I joined The Berry Tree. There were many people on the internet who warned people to join since they considered The Berry Tree as a scam. At that time I didn’t have so much experience so I just continued to order the auto-ship of $50 per month and thought I would get my residual income of $1336 per month.

Time to cash out

Then the time came for cashing out. Of course, I was excited. How much did they give back? $50!!!!. One time. I don’t remember their strained explanation, but I can tell you, I was more than disappointed

Therefore be skeptical!

Before joining anything on the internet, use your common sense and be skeptical. If people warn you for a program that they consider as a bluff, most likely it is a scam.

Programs that promise you quick and easy money are almost 100% scams.

There are many who want to take advantage of all those who go online to try to get an additional income. They just take advantage of your desire to make a living online.

One important thing that any reputable company should offer is a free trial before they ask you to pay upfront for their services. It should also be easy to find out what others have to say about that company. It can be done by doing a search in Google with the keywords company name and scam.

How to know if a company is legit?

You should look for honesty and the company should have a good reputation. It should also be around for a few years. Unfortunately, many companies come and goes.

If you want, I can recommend one legit program that helped thousands to be successful online.

Let me introduce Wealthy Affiliate

Why do I recommend this platform?

Because Wealthy Affiliate has all the criteria for being a legit program.

First of all it has a good reputation. That is why over 2 million of people chose to be members.

It was founded 2005. It means that this program has over 15 years experience of helping people to make money online.

I myself have been a member since July 2019. It took me only a few days to understand that this platform was totally different from anything I had experienced before in my search for a legit way make a living online.

Wealthy Affiliate never ask you to buy anything upfront. When you sign up as a starter member or a free member you don’t even need to reveal any credit card information. That is what I call fair enough!

How does it work?

I will not go into all details, but basically it is a step by step system, where you learn to be a skilled internet marketer especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. There are 5 levels with 10 lessons on each level, so totally 50 lessons. Each lesson do have a video explanation and after every lesson you will have a few tasks to do before you go further.

Of course there are many more features. When signing up you will be given a website (for free). This website will be the core of your business and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you on how to get traffic to your site until you are on the first page on Google. After that there is no limit on how far you can go.

So if you are looking for a legit program, Wealthy Affiliate is your choice. 

Over 2 million people can’t be wrong. Sign up today! you have nothing to loose. It is free to evaluate. You will not be dissapointed.


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  1. This article was very helpful because I easily got caught in scams. Thanks for the tips.

    • I agree Sharmini. There is a lot scammers out there. I hope you find the article helpful.

  2. I have been scammed and have friends that always ask whether a certain website’s offering is a scam or not. I’ll send this article to them the next time

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