What is a Scammer Online?

In this post, I will discuss – what is a scammer online?

The scammers appear to be benefactors

If you look at the picture you see a nice-looking guy. That is exactly the image a scammer wants you to believe about himself.

Gone are the days when the crook looked like a crook. Today’s online world is more complicated. A scammer normally appears to be your benefactor and he will be very happy if he can convince you to believe he is.

In this post, I will not discuss all scams where people try to get hold of your credit card information to empty your bank account and similar attempts. I will only discuss those scammers who try to take advantage of people who want to earn money legit online.

The more inexperienced a person is the easier he will be a victim of a scammer.

I think that almost 90% of those who in the end are successful online have experienced the result of being scammed and in the process lost a lot of money.

Example of a person who scams the inexperienced

A few thousand years ago the wise King Salomon wrote the following words: “Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps.(Proverbs 14:15)

So this post will focus on how to be the shrewd one and not fall victim to the scammers.

How to spot a scammer

The sooner we can spot a scammer the sooner we will be on the right track if we want to succeed online.

  1. I think it might be good to have Solomon’s words on our back heads especially: “the shrewd one considers his steps.

This principle will help us to not jump into something that appears to be promising. We should always have in mind that all scammers want you to believe them and they can be very cunning when they try to convince someone. So before signing up for something make a thorough research. You can google the person or company’s name and add “scam” to it. Within seconds, you will have quite a lot of pages that will pop up and after reading a few of them you should have a quite clear picture of the person or the company.

2. Never pay anything upfront. Here in Malaysia where I stay, you will have difficulty getting your money back if you feel fooled. The principle is that the one who has the money also has the upper hand.

It is the same with scammers online. As soon they get hold of your money they will have the “upper hand”, so to speak., and it might be very difficult or close to impossible to get your money back if you are not satisfied with what you bought from them. That is one reason why you should be very careful to pay something upfront.

Some professionals can help, but they charge you for their services and often require that the amount you were scammed with should be thousands of dollars.

These were a few principles on how to avoid getting scammed online.

Is there any legit way to avoid getting scammed?

If you want to start an online business and be successful for years to come I can recommend one platform called Wealthy Affiliate that already has helped thousands of people to succeed.

I this post I will explain why. But first, what is a successful online business?

It should be to make money and at the same time be surrounded by people who already are successful and want you to be that too. That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people mainly affiliate marketing and has been doing that since back in 2005. Today they are more popular than ever and on Trustpilot, they are ranked 4.8 out of 5.


Read about what people say!


Why is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

There are a few reasons for that

  • It has been around since back in 2005. There are not many companies that have been around for over 15 years. If you look at many opportunities on the internet, they come and goes. That shows that Wealthy Affiliate has stability in comparison to many other companies.
  • It has over 2 million members. Why would 2 million people choose something that doesn’t work? It shows that most of those who join Wealthy Affiliate stay at the platform and do not jump to the next opportunity that is so common today among those who try to build a business online.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a community of people whose task is to help people when they need help. Let’s say that you are in the middle of your step-by-step training given by Wealthy Affiliate but you get stuck. That is not a pleasant situation. No one likes to get stuck, especially if you devoted time to build your business a certain day. No worries! The community is there to help you. You just put your “ticket” or question in the back office and after a few minutes, you get help and can continue from where you got stuck.
  • Once a week a webinar is presented conducted by a veteran in affiliate marketing. He joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2007 so he has quite a lot of knowledge that he continues to share with the members. He is always updated with the latest trends on the internet such as social media SEO and so on.

A closer look at Wealthy Affiliate

As I said it was founded back in 2005 by 2 Canadian guys.

These 2 guys were already successful affiliate marketers when they came up with the idea to create a platform that would help people to be successful too. So what they did was to teach people what they already knew about affiliate marketing and today Wealthy Affiliate has over 2 million members. That is what I call a brilliant business idea.

A closer look at the Community

The description of Wealthy Affiliate wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a closer look at the Community.

As you see in the picture the members are from all over the world. That is the beauty of the Community. That makes it possible to get help any time of the day even if it is in the middle of the night your local time. There will always be someone “awake” to give you a helping hand.

So this feature works 24/7

The members of the Community have been with Wealthy Affiliate for quite a time and consequently, they achieved a lot of knowledge which they now are willing to share with others who are new on the platform.

What do you think? Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

One more feature. If someone wishes to test the platform before they decide to upgrade they can do this for free as a Starter Member. They can do this for 7 days as a free member but with almost all the features of an upgraded member. That will give him an opportunity to evaluate the platform before he decides to upgrade. That is fair. No money to pay upfront and he doesn’t even have to reveal any credit card information.

He will be given a website from WordPress and that site will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own server SiteRubix. This site together with the first 10 lessons he can keep even if he decided to stay as a Starter Member for free. Does that sound legit?

Why not try to see for yourself. You have nothing to lose

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  1. Great post. I like that you contrast the scams from legit programs.
    Good job Goran

  2. Thank you for this article Goran
    What I appreciate is that you reveal how scammers work and how we can protect ourselves from them. I also appreciate that you made a quote from King Salomon. He was really a wise man.

    • Thank you Susanna
      Yes, we really need to protect ourselves and others from scammers online. I think a good way is to inform people and reveal how they go about it and yes Salomon was a very wise person who helped people to think in a clear way.
      All the best

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