What Is Email Autoresponder?

In this post I will explain: What is email autoresponder and why it is important for your success in your online business.

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What is an email autoresponder? 

It is a tool that every successful online marketer uses to increase their business. Basically, you capture your potential customer’s emails and put them on a list. You do this through a landing page or also called a capture page.

When you have their email you can start to communicate with them and build up their trust in you. I will not go into too deep in how you should communicate with them, but basically, you should offer something of value for them, not just try to sell something.

This email autoresponder can be set to several lists depending on which interest the persons have. That depends on which landing page you used to get their email. For example, if you get their email connected with affiliate marketing, then they should be on the list concerning news about affiliate marketing and so on.

Another basic thing you can do with the email autoresponder is to write emails in advance and program them to be sent out on special dates, for example, every Wednesday.

These were just a few examples of what an email autoresponder is and what it can do. Normally a good autoresponder can do a lot more, like tracing where the sign-ups come from and so on.

Is there any good or better autoresponder on the market?

If you do a Google search you will find a lot of autoresponders, but frankly, there are only a few that you can count as good ones. One of the most famous and used by most professionals in this industry is AWeber. They use this one because they consider this autoresponder to be the best.

There are a few reasons for this.

  • It is one of the oldest with around 20 years of experience.
  • Almost all real professionals use it.
  • It has a lot of features that other autoresponder doesn’t have.
  • It simple to use. Anyone can use it.
  • It has a generous referral program. (30%)
  • It is free to use, with up to 500 persons on the list.

It is a good one if you want to start up a business

Why is that? Until recently you could only use AWeber free for one month, but now they changed their policy so that you can use it for free as long as you want but with a limitation of 500 subscribers. For many, it might take more than 1 month to reach so many. So it was a good move to do this. When you already have 500 persons, you probably already have started to make some money and the upgrade is only $19 per month. Affordable since money already is flowing in. Some say that every person on the list is equal to $1. If that is true there should already be $500 in income.

Promote Aweber!

Every online business will sooner or later need an autoresponder. So if you were to promote the free Aweber you could have a recurring income of $5.7 per month (direct into your PayPal account for everyone that upgrades as long as they stay with AWeber. Let’s say that sign up 100 persons for free and 75 of these persons upgrade, then you will have a residual income of  $427.5 per month only from this source.

Most people will surely continue when they got used to this autoresponder’s features. Personally, I have a friend who used AWeber for around 15 years and he says he never regrets using this one. I agree with him, even if I haven’t used it for so long time.

There is another thing that can make people upgrade faster. Many who sign up with Aweber have already started to build their list, many times with an autoresponder with less quality. They can now import their list to Aweber. Let’s say that they already have 450 persons on their list with the lower quality autoresponder. It means that they only need 50 more tills they reach the 500 and your recurring income is secured.

Another feature is that AWeber also offers landing pages in different designs. A landing page is a capture page where persons put in their emails that will go to your list

On top of what I just said, AWeber has excellent customer support 24/7 and a lot of videos that will help you to improve your email marketing.

As conclusion. As you want to grow your business you will sooner or later need an email autoresponder, but do not be satisfied with any autoresponder. Only choose the best one. Grab AWeber. It’s free! Promote it and you will have an additional online income probably for years to come.

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