What Is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing?

Lots of people who are online will probably come across Wealthy Affiliate sooner or later. Many of them will ask –

What is wealthy affiliate marketing?

I will try to explain so you can get a clear picture of the platform Wealthy Affiliate and the marketing they provide.

But before we go into what Wealthy Affiliate is I want to say a word about all the scammers that appears on the internet and hopingly you will see the difference between a legit program and what the so-called “Gurus”

To see how these “Gurus” are working see this practical example of a scammer.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform on the internet that is training people to be skilled internet marketers especially affiliate marketers. I will explain in this article. But first I will give you a little history about Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform was created in 2005 by two Canadian guys who already were successful with affiliate marketing.

consequently, they reasoned, why not create a program that will be helping people to be successful too. Therefore, from an idea, they made this a reality. Today Wealthy Affiliate has grown to the platform with over two million members.

The creators or founders of Wealthy Affiliate


An insight into the basic training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate works in that way that they train people by a step-by-step system. Each lesson has a video explanation included which makes it very easy for anyone to follow along. You don’t need to be a technical expert to take be a part of this training.

Basic they provide 50 lessons split up into 5 levels.

Level 1: Getting Started

Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website

Level 3: Making Money

Level4: Mastering Social Engagement

Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success With Your Content


Behind a sample of the first 10 lessons


The Online Entrepreneur Certificate

When all 50 lessons are done The website you have accomplished an Online Entrepreneur Certificate.


It means that you have been ahead of most of the people who try to make money online.
So within a few months, you can consider yourself as a skilled affiliate marketer and you are ready to develop your business to a very successful one.

What is success for you?

The amazing website

In order to be successful online, you need a website of good quality. Wealthy Affiliate fixes that problem for you.

For everyone who signs up with them as a free starter member or a premium member, they will be given a website for free.

It is a WordPress site that guarantees that it will be a website of good quality.

Additionally, it will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own server, SiteRubix.

This is quite awesome. A few years ago it took weeks or maybe months to build a website that could be considered as a quality site, you can do this with minutes with help of Wealthy Affiliate. It means that you can focus your energy on what is important for you.

In other words, your website will be of high quality that will be a site that Google will like, and you are more or less guaranteed success.

The website is very easy to build so even a child can do it. Actually, the range from those who built these websites is from 8 years to 93 years. So in essence, anyone can do it.

It goes fast to build the site, in average under 1 minute.

The webinars

In addition to the normal training, every weak Wealthy Affiliate provides a webinar where you are updated on what is happening on the internet and what is good for your business.

These webinars are conducted by a real expert who joined Wealthy Affiliate already 2007. It means that he has more than 13 years of experience only within Wealthy Affiliate, He himself is now a super affiliate and has a lot of knowledge to share and teach anybody to refine and grow his business.

These webinars are a very helpful feature of Wealthy Affiliate. The webinars are around 1 hour followed by a Q&A session, where it is possible to ask questions on what has been discussed during the webinar.

These webinars are saved, so if you for any reason can’t attend the live session it is always possible to see them at a time convenient to you. There are hundreds of them, so it is just to choose a subject that you feel that you want to know more about.

Below a sample of just a few of the webinars

The Community

One of the most challenges you will have if you are trying to build a business online, it is to get help when you really need it. Wealthy Affiliate has solved this problem through a feature we call The Community.

The Community consists of people from all over the world. Who are they? It is people who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while and got a lot of experience. They have decided to share their experience with others who are in need of help.

In other words, if you are stuck in your training you can always go to the Community for help. There is a feature within the Wealthy Affiliate where you can put your question for help. It is like a giant customer service that is there for helping you with whatever you need.

Since these tens of thousands of community members are scattered all over the world from around 195 countries there will always be someone that is ready to help you with your concern and you will get help within minutes.

Boasting the largest internet marketing community in the world, Wealthy Affiliate continues to be the number one choice for people all over the world when they create a successful business online.

So wherever you live there will always be someone to help you 24/7

What does it cost to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

That is a good question. With all this information I gave you above you will probably think that is quite expensive compared to what you get. But the good news is that it is FREE to join as a starter member.

This will give you 7 days to test Wealthy Affiliate as an upgraded premium member. This is fair enough and you don’t even need to reveal any credit card information. Just join and enjoy.

You will get your website for free and access to the first 10 lessons as a starter member.

If you within these 7 days decide to upgrade to a premium member you will have the first month to a reduced price of 60% and that is $19.

After this first month wants to continue with Wealthy Affiliate the cost is only $49 per month.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to get an education that will secure your economical future? I think you agree that for $49 per month it is just like a drop in the ocean when you start to make real money online.

For me it only took me a few days to understand the benefits of continuing with Wealthy Affiliate as an upgraded premium member even if I could continue as a starter member and just benefit from the limits that a starter member get.

So why not try Wealthy Affiliate for free. The only thing you can lose is the time you use to figure out if it is something for you or not.

It is FREE to join



  1. Hi I am Maxime from Belgium.
    I really liked your information about Wealthy Affiliate.
    I didn’t know it was possible to get so much training for only $49/month

    • Hi Maxime
      It is amazing to get all this for only $49
      All the best

  2. Yes it is, the community support is far greater than any other program I’ve been involved in. I also love the lessons and videos that are so well made for beginners so I can keep making progress in content creation and. Great introduction to Wealthy Affiliate man, and your points do match my experience well.

    • Thank you, Shane.

      Yes, all the comments from Wealthy Affiliate members are similar to yours.

      All the best Goran

  3. This is an amazing review you have written up here on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As a member myself, i have to say that when it comes to learning how to get started in online business, then this is the program that I would recommend. It also has amazing deals on the WordPress hosting too.

    • Yes it is true Kwidzin. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place if you want to be a successful internet marketer. Pity that not more people found this platform. Many are struggling out there when the solution are here.

      All the best


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