Why Is Affiliate Marketing So Hard?

Many who start with affiliate market are asking: Why is affiliate marketing so hard?

There are a few reasons for this.

One reason is that they believe the so-called ” Internet Gurus” who claim that will help them. They just buy their system upfront on how to do go about and then they are sitting with what they mean a blueprint. It doesn’t work. I have tried several of them.

The so-called “Gurus” selling arguments can be quite convincing so it is easy to fall victim to their smooth talk. Normally these systems don’t work or are working very slow despite how much they try.

The reason for this is that their systems are normally outdated. They can be up to 3 to 4 years old. But the internet changes the whole time so things that worked before do not work today. Still, these “Gurus” continue pushing people to buy their inferior products.

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Another reason is that many try to do affiliate marketing by posting on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. In one sense it possible to get sales from these sources, but it will be very limited and you will probably not be rich by using these platforms alone. These sources are what they are, social media, and most of the people hanging out on these platforms are there for other reasons, not for shopping.

Can affiliate marketing be easier?

Both yes and no. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn online and thousands of people are very successful. It is possible for anyone to succeed but you need to roll up your sleeves and be prepared for hard work. It is possible to be a good affiliate marketer but there are no shortcuts or easy ways as the “Gurus” want you to believe.

So how to go about it?.

I would like to introduce to you a platform or program called Wealthy Affiliate =============================>

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a platform that teaches people to be successful online and especially with affiliate marketing. They already helped tens of thousands of people as you will see later in this article.

What is your idea of success?

Please read the text in the picture above especially the last sentence: There is no upper limit to the level of success you can achieve, it just takes a little bit of elbow grease and hard work.

This is Wealthy Affiliate in a nutshell.

A little history about Wealthy Affiliate

It was founded in 2005, so it has been helping people for over 15 years already. It was 2 Canadian guys, Kyle and Carson who come up with the idea to create a platform to help ordinary people to be successful online especially with affiliate marketing.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Today Wealthy Affiliate consists of over 2 million people. Every one of these considers this platform as the best thing that happens to them. I totally agree.

How does it work?

Actually, it is a step-by-step system where a person starts from scratch and works himself up until he is a skilled expert affiliate marketer. He will be provided all tools he needs for this journey. So let us look a little closer to all the tools that Wealthy Affiliate will supply for their members.

The web page

It starts with a website that Wealthy Affiliate will provide from WordPress and it will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s own sever SiteRubix. In their training, they will exactly show you how to use this website as the main tool for your success.

This site will be your real estate on the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate will take care of all technical stuff like speed, security, and other things, which will allow you to focus on your business without being distracted. That in itself has a real value since you don’t need to use or wasting your time on things that make many people frustrated.

The training

As I said it is a step-by-step system where you start from scratch and will take you up tills you are an expert affiliate marketer. .

The first 10 lessons.

In total there are 50 lessons divided in modules with 10 lessons in each. The picture above shows the first module. Each lesson has a video embedded which makes everything so much easier to grasp or understand.

I just showed you the first 10 lessons in module 1. The other modules are as follows.

Module 2: BuilModule 2: Creating Your Own Traffic-Producing Website (10 lessons)

Module 3: Making Money (10 lessons)

Module 4: Mastering Social Engagement (10 lessons)

Module 5: Achieving Maximum Success With You Content (10 lessons)

Every module has a theme and when you are finished with one module you will be an expert on that theme and in the end expert in affiliate marketing.

The Community.

An outstanding feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Community.

The Community consists of people from all over the earth and is there for giving you a helping hand if you get stuck. It is like huge customer service. If you have a concern or feel that you need some help with something you just ask the community for help and the help will be there instantly or at least within minutes.

It is like being in a classroom with many expert teachers ready to give a helping hand. Where else in any platform can you find something similar?

This is possible because Wealthy Affiliate is a global platform, so wherever you live there will always be someone available to give the help needed. In other words, the Community is working 24/7.

The chat room

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is also a chat room where it is possible to just hang out and come to know others members or like-minded people who also are learning affiliate marketing.

Actually, many of the more skilled marketers attend this chat room and they are more than willing to answer if you have any concerns and you can chat with them person to person. That is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Blog.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a reputable blog, which well recognized by Google. Many times when you do a search on Google they direct you to these blog posts. In these blogs, you can read about success stories from ordinary people like you and me together with tips and tricks on how to do your business more successful.

A short view of the success with Wealthy Affiliate

These blogs are just from ordinary people like you and me who are successful through the training they got from this platform.

The Webinars

Once a week there is a webinar held.

A few samples of the webinars

These webinars are very helpful and will increase your authority on the internet and with that your revenue.

They are held by an expert on internet marketing who joined Wealthy Affiliate already 2007. So he has more than 13 years experience in internet marketing and he shares this with you so you too can be successful.

After each webinar, there is a Q&A session. So you can ask anything that can be beneficial for you and others.

The webinars are recorded so if you cannot attend the live session you can always see them at a time convenient for you. These webinars are like a huge library and you can choose the “book” that you are interested to read for the moment. An amazing source of knowledge for the curious.

Jaxxy the SEO tool

It would be wrong to say something about Wealthy Affiliate without mention Jaxxy.

The whole idea about Wealthy Affiliate is to get quality traffic to your website. From where do you get this quality traffic? From Google of course. The goal is that your site should be on the first page on Google. When your page is there, you can sell anything.

Jaxxy will get you there.

How to use Jaxxy will be explained in the training but I can mention that it is a brilliant tool and very easy to use.

Jaxxy can be used separately from Wealthy Affiliate and cost $49 or $99 depending on which version you choose but is included in Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership.

Is there any guaranty that Wealthy Affiliate for me?

No, you can’t get any guaranty because it is solely up to you. You will have everything you need, excellent training, the Community where you get instant help, the webinars and the SEO tool Jaxxy and much more.

Now it is up to you to practice what you learn. Wealthy Affiliate is not get-rich-quick-scheme. It is training that will take you to the top. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease and hard work.

Join now and you will get 7 days as a premium member for free. No need for any credit card, just test the platform.


I hope you appreciated this post about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any question(s) please leave a message and will come back to you as soon as possible

All the best








  1. Starting any business take time and effort, and that is the same with affiliate marketing. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for two years, and I do agree that wealthy affiliate provide you with world class training. If you follow the training and implement what you are learning, you will become successful. It does not happen overnight, but with time and effort you will see the results. All the best. 

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a marathon race

      All the best


  2. What an explicit and a clear presentation of what affiliate marketing is. 

    I agree with what you just expressed and I like the way you talked of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I love the platform. I am actually a premium member and I am working hard as trained. I am doing progress yet I am being careful about affiliate marketing.

    I have not yet really introduce it fully in my website as I am trying to get more audience.  Also first thing first, I am cultivating a relationship so I can really dig deeper about their concerns and need before I engage in affiliate marketing.

  3. Well, I think joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision ever. The most important aspect we all should be careful of is not to fall for scams. I like the way you presented this platform, and I love it’s legitimacy. I have been a member for wealthy affiliate for 9 months now, I hope it will help me achieve all I desire, through hard-work and dedication of course.

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