Work Home And Earn Money Online

I will discuss if anyone can work home and earn money online? 

Who can earn money online? 

I would say, anyone. 

But maybe someone says: I have tried for years but only made a few dollars. How come that some make money but not me? 

This is a common reply from many who tried to make money online.

And they are right. Quite a few make a living and more than that, some live what they call the laptop lifestyle, meaning they earn enough so they can in principle live where they want if they just have a computer and an internet connection.

Would you like to live a life like that? I will show you that it is possible. But first I want you to be aware that are many scammers on the internet today who promise you success if you just follow their formula on how to earn money. I don’t think I exaggerate If I say 90% of the promises they give are just crap.

How can I be so sure about that? The main reason is that I struggled for many years and tested one opportunity after another. This is because I believed the promises from the so-called “gurus” on the internet resulting in that I lost both time and money. Example: read this!

So how was my problem solved?

One day I came across Wealthy Affiliate 

It is a platform that is free to join. You don’t even need to reveal any credit card information.

They gave me the opportunity to test the platform for 7 days as an upgraded (premium) member. If you wanted to upgrade within these 7 days you got a 61% discount on the first month.

I tested Wealthy Affiliate for a few days and I was hooked. I understood if there is any way to make money online it is through Wealthy Affiliate. Before the 7 days expired I was already a premium member. Why? Because it was like coming home from a journey where you have been lost for years. This was in July 2019 and I am still a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I will be for a long time.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you learn affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is to promote other person products for example products on Amazon and you will get commission by doing so.

History: Wealthy Affiliate was founded back in 2005 by 2 Canadians. They were successful affiliate marketers and they were discussing how to help others to do this kind of online business. They predicted a great future for affiliate marketing and today Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 1.400.000 members, all learning how to be successful online especially with affiliate marketing.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate 

How does the training work?

It works like a step by step training starting from scratch. If you want to see the introduction including a video presentation just click here! 

The training is an online entrepreneur certification. In total there are 50 lessons groped in 5 modules. Each lesson has a video embedded which makes it so much easier to understand. After each lesson, you are asked to do a few tasks related to what you just learned.

Note: anyone can do this training. Wealthy Affiliate members consist of people from all backgrounds.

The Community 

One amazing feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Community. 

Some of those who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while are now in the Community with 1,800+ members.

They are actually Expert Coaches ready to give a helping hand to someone in need.

Let’s say that you are stuck in your training and are in need of help. (that happens to all of us once in a while)

But now the Community can come to your aid. In the back office of Wealthy Affiliate, you can put in a “ticket” about your concern and within 5 minutes you will get an answer to your question.

This is possible because the members of the Community are scattered all over the world in 195 countries. So it doesn’t matter what time it is on the day, there will always be someone “awake ” ready to give you a helping hand.

Where else can you find a feature like this? Only at Wealthy Affiliate.

The webinars

Every week the platform is holding a webinar presentation.

These webinars are presented by a veteran in affiliate marketing. His name is Jay and he joined back in 2007. So he has more than 13 years experience of in affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

The webinars keep us updated about the latest trends on the internet and social media. It helps us to be ahead of the rest.

The webinars are around 1 hour followed by a Q&A session.

All webinars are recorded so it is always possible to see them at a time more convenient. There are hundreds of recordings as a big library where you can go in and chose and pick a subject that you find of special interest. This is also an amazing feature of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaxxy is the SEO tool no 1

Probably you heard about SEO tools. If you have tried to understand how they are working I am sure that you feel confused.

The purpose of an SEO tool is to get you ranked by Google in order to be on their first page. If you can position yourself there it is the same as you can sell almost everything of your choice. I used to jokingly say if you are there you can even sell your grandma, The meaning is, if you can reach this position almost everything could be possible.

Unfortunately, most of the SEO tools are very complicated and the data they give is very difficult to interpret.

Jaxxy is different. It was invented by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and is designed so even a child can use it with ease. Despite its simplicity, it is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market today. Jaxxy is included in the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate. Want to try it for free? Click Here!

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has everything needed for a person to succeed online. 

  • It is a well established platform since 2005 and today has grown to over 1.800.000 members.
  • The step by step system is easy to follow so anyone can do it. The members of Wealthy Affiliate comes from all background you can think of.
  • The Community with over 1.400 members are there to help you any time you need it. Works 24/7.
  • The webinars will keep you updated of the latest developments on the internet and social media.
  • Jaxxy the SEO tool will eventually take your business to the first page on Google and the other search engines.

Would you like to test Wealthy Affiliate?

This is why Wealthy Affiliate could be considered as legit. Your journey for finding a way could actually stop here. I hope you will have the same experience as I had. I tested Wealthy Affiliate for a few days and I was hooked. I understood if there is any way to make money online it is through Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up is free. You can test the platform for 7 days as an upgraded member. It will give you the opportunity to browse around and take part of the training. If you within the 7 days want to upgrade you will be given 61% discount for the first month, that is $19. After that it is $49 per month. As I said I have been here since July 2019 and it has been worth every penny.

The other possibility it is that continue to stay as a free member. You will get your own website and access to the first 10 lessons which is a very valuable start for any business online.

Hope to see you inside.

When signing up you don’t even need to reveal any credit card information.

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